Four Gifts for Pets Blog Hop

Christmas can be a tough time for many of us – emotionally, financially, or both. Children want so many things these days, and many are spoiled by so many gifts from extended families. And sometimes life-changing events during the year can really throw a person’s “Christmas Spirit” for a loop, like it has mine. Anyway, some wise parent came up with the idea of the 4 Gifts 4 Christmas Challenge. The premise is that they would only buy each child 4 things: something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read. And that gave my blogging buddy, Jodi Chick at Kols Notes, the brilliant idea for this blog hop. I figured this would be a fun post to put together and would help brighten my dark side.  All Shadow, Ducky, Hubby and I really want is to have our sweet Callie – and Kissy – back healthy and happy. A totally unrealistic and unattainable wish, I know. So, hubby and I decided to make a donation to Morris Animal Foundation’s Golden Retriever Lifetime Study to help fund their continuing research into cancer cures and treatments. That donation will be our main gift to each other.

Need: I don’t really need anything. I have a roof over my head, clothes on my back, food on my table and in my dogs’ food bowls, and friends and family who love me. And plenty of material things I don’t really need to get from one day to the next.

Wear: I’ve had my eye on a hoodie that’s dog-angel related.

Read: I need a break from my pet nutrition course, and I can’t think of any better way to take a break than to read a book written by a fellow pet blogger, Jackie Bouchard’s  “House Trained”. And a few other books as well. As for Shadow and Ducky?  Well, they don’t wear dog clothes other than raincoats – and Ducky wears a winter coat when it’s really cold – so, even though their collars are still in good condition, I’ve decided to buy them new ones from the folks at Upcountry. I’ll share pix on Christmas, when they have them. 

Need: they don’t really need anything other than a quiet neighborhood to live in so we can go for nice walks close to home.

Eat: Both girls have super-sensitive, borderline-IBD digestive systems so I really have to watch what I feed them, both for their regular meals and treats. I have found that they love the treats I got for them from K9 Bytes Inc. this past summer. But we still have a bunch left since I have to go easy when doling out treats.

Thanks, Jodi, for hosting this fun blog hop! I’ve gotten some great gift ideas for my girls. (If only I had a money tree to pick fifty-dollar bills from.)

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13 thoughts on “Four Gifts for Pets Blog Hop

  1. Patricia says:

    Your gift to each other is very appropriate, Sue…I have a thought about the IBS – could it be they need filtered water? Try grain-free and/or natural dog food? Add probiotics on a regular basis? I’ve given a powder form of probiotics called Forti Flora, and some in capsule form, and it really seemed to help. I take probiotics everyday, and feel better overall (other than some aches and pains).

    • My Golden Life says:

      They’ve been drinking filtered water for as far back as I can remember. So, no, it’s not the water. And powdered probiotics are too unstable. I’ve tried them before and after a week or two, the tummies were “upset” again. I prefer to give them cultured yogurt with as low a sugar content as possible. As for grain-free food…it doesn’t have any effect on them vs non-grain free. Shadow’s kibble is grain free, but the canned food I give both of them is not. I’ve tried the grain-free canned stuff; but it costs more and like the kibble, makes no difference. As for natural, I assume you mean raw? And raw is totally out of the question. I don’t trust it, period.

      • Patricia says:

        No I don’t mean raw. Just natural. If they sell Earthborn anywhere near you (maybe you can do a search on their website) you can try the large breed or weight control. Rook was on it and now Shasta’s on it. Her poop is better than Cedar’s who is on NOW large breed puppy kibble. I can’t wait to switch him over. The poop is smaller and firmer for some reason. Did Callie have IBS, too? Maybe it’s environmental. Hmmm.

        • My Golden Life says:

          Actually, no, Callie didn’t have the IBS. Her tummy was sensitive once in a while, but not to the extent of Shadow’s and Ducky’s tummies. I’ll check Earthborn out. I know Tractor Supply carries it.

  2. easyweimaraner says:

    I like the idea with the donation, that’s a great way to help our furfriends in need. Easy loves to unwrap gifts, no matter what’s inside… so I pondered if I should wrap some indestructible things like cook pots or pancake turners instead to buy stuffies and squeaking short-time friends :o)

  3. Jan K says:

    I love that you made a donation to MAF. We recently did as well, in memory of a friend of ours who recently passed away. He was one half of the couple that we got Sheba and her brother Moses from….it all seems very appropriate considering everything.

    I can’t wait to see Shadow and Ducky’s new collars! Up Country makes some very nice ones, though we haven’t gotten any from them yet, I hope to one of these days.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Actually, we haven’t made the donation yet. I was trying to figure it out last night, but the website is confusing when you’re already blotto from trying to write and publish a blog post all in the same few hours. 😳 Maybe today, or I’ll call them when I finally give up.

  4. Sue says:

    Sorry I missed this before now. Great gift ideas and I especially like your donation to MAF. Looking forward to seeing those new collars 🙂

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