Just One More Day…

Just one more day my sweet little girl….

Just one more day of having that evil, plastic, white, collar thing around your neck.

Just one more day of having to be on the leash out in the back yard.

Then you can go back to playing “keep away” and “catch me if you can”. And we can all go back to relaxing and enjoying playtime. And I can put away Callie’s larger crate; and you can sleep in your own crate again.

Thank you to BlogPaws for hosting the Wordless Wednesday blog hop!


9 thoughts on “Just One More Day…

  1. Life With 3 Dogs says:

    I hope today goes fast so she can be free from the evil cone of shame!!! you should check out kong cloud collars they may be a bit more comfortable and easier to move around in. We bought one for our dog when she had surgery and it was almost like a pillow and s

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