Mothers’ Day Weekend 2011

This has been my first-ever Mothers’ Day as a grandmother and I must say I have loved every minute of it!!  My hubby, canine children, human (step)son & daughter-in-law, human grandson, and canine grandson all contributed to my very special weekend…..

Callie and Shadow made me very proud on Saturday afternoon.  They met their human nephew for the first time and were very respectful of him at all times.   They sniffed at him twice, never licked at him, and kept their distance during the rest of the visit.  So much so that I didn’t even have a chance to get a picture of the sniffs.  I think I may have caught a glimpse of Callie in one of the video clips of Will, but that’s about it.  For the most part they just played with their canine nephew, Max (and disciplined him once or twice for being too much in their face). 

Jason and Kallah are a joy to me – I have watched Jason grow from a nine-year-old boy into a mature young man of 26 and delighted in his choice of life-long mate.  They are absolutely precious together both as a couple and as parents.  And my grandson – pardon the prejudice here – is way beyond adorable!   He just steals the show everywhere he goes!  He’s starting to develop a little personality – he coos, laughs, giggles, “talks”, smiles, and of course at times lets out a baby-sized scream for one reason or another. 

Max, the grand-puppy is, in my hubby’s words, “a piece of work”.  He’s really quite mellow for a Lab puppy, but he’s still all puppy – well, adolescent anyway.  He loves playing with his aunties when he’s here with us and yesterday was no exception.  He is testing his limits with them – getting in their face, following one or the other of them around the house or yard, bouncing all over the place like a bunny when he “runs” – and when they’ve had enough they discipline him with a growl or a snap (being careful not to hurt him), he backs off for a minute or two before he starts all over again.  It’s fun to watch, but  I don’t have a video to post at this time.

Today is MY day.  I don’t have to cook dinner – Hubby’s grilling the chicken fingers.  All I’ll do is put the asparagus in the steamer and set the timer on it – and I now have a pair of coffee mugs with Callie’s & Shadow’s picture on them (actually one of those mugs is for hubby).  I can’t wait to use them tomorrow morning!  While hubby was reading/napping earlier this afternoon, the pups and I were outside playing with the “Chuck-it” toy (a long-handled scoop-like thing that holds a large tennis ball for those who don’t know what it is).   I use the chuck-it to throw the ball for the dogs and they run after the ball and bring it close to me and then play a game of “keep away”.  Sly little devils, my two canine children!!  And I couldn’t love them more if they were human! 

Now, if my Atlanta Braves can beat the Philadelphia Phillies tonight, it’ll make an already perfect weekend even more perfect.  I would love to see them win this 3-game series against the Phillies! 


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