Shadow’s Dental is Done

We had a busy morning around here yesterday.

I had to drop Shadow off at the vet’s by 8:30 am for pre-op. And to keep Ducky from waking their daddy on his birthday, I had to take her along for the ride.

Shadow wasn’t happy about being at the vet for the third time in as many weeks.  Especially since I wasn’t staying with her for moral support. But I told her Callie would be watching over her, which helped her relax a bit.

When Ducky and I got back home, Ducky was walking all around looking for Shadow with her tail down and half-way between her legs. 

I was getting her breakfast ready, but she came in the kitchen several times. I swear the look on her face was one of deep concern. “Where’s Shadow, Mom? Why didn’t you bring her home?” The same look I got from Shadow the morning Callie went to Heaven.

After she finished eating, I let her run around the yard for a few minutes so she could digest her food some. Then I took her to daycare. She needed to play with her friends to get her mind off Shadow. 

After cleaning the house while hubby finished reading one of his many books, I went to get Ducky at daycare. I left her here with her daddy and went to get Shadow.

Poor Shadow was still sleepy from the anesthesia; and while I paid the bill – and we waited for the discharge instructions to come up on the front-desk computer – she slid down onto the floor. Too tired to keep sitting. Bless her heart.

When we got home, hubby helped me get Shadow out of the car and up the stairs. Ducky was happy to see her older sister, but was very gentle with her greeting. The demon was possessed by an angel. And all night, Ducky was a very good girl.

This morning, Shadow is still a bit “out of it”, but more awake. And Ducky is still being good.

I’m sure Shadow will be more herself as the day wears on. And Ducky will become more mischievous as well. For now, though, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet. (Hubby is still asleep.)

Shadow’s Re-check

Shadow and I just got home from her re-check appointment with the vet….

The sprain has healed and playtime restrictions have been lifted! YAYYYYY!  Now we can really work on her eating habits.

When Shadow doesn’t play, she doesn’t get enough exercise to work up an appetite. So, with the restricted play this past week, she hasn’t had much of an appetite. I suspect that she will start eating “better” now that she can run, play, and chase Ducky, me, and the ball again. 😃

And she lost a pound in between these two vet visits, so we have some leeway in keeping her weight stable.

It’s windy and chilly – but sunny with beautiful blue skies – again today. So Shadow and I may spend most of the day out here in the yard again. 

To ALL the Moms out there in Blogville: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND!! It’s our weekend to howl! Whatever you do, enjoy it!!

Captions and Other Things

When I wrote/published my “Caption THIS!  (HeHe)” post on Monday, I got some really cute/funny responses.  For example, I got this one from Linda at 2 Brown Dawgs

“At least she can keep tabs on the ball.  ;)”

And this from Monika and Sam from Tales Around the Ranch:
“Ball/butt spooning…a new Olympic sport. ;)”

And this one from Taryn at Chesapeake Cardigan Club: (Sorry, Taryn, I couldn’t link to this site.)

“Here we see Ducky taking the Neuticles concept to the extreme!”  To which I said “Lol, but Ducky is a FEMALE.” 

And, of course, we were all looking forward to Jodi Stone’s (Heart Like A Dog) comment.  She actually left a caption, and a response…

“Hey Delilah, go big or go home, that’s how I roll.” 

and, “LOL Oh Ducky, you must have eaten a LOT of gum! 

And now for my own “Jodi-inspired” captions:

“OUCH!  That fart HURT!”

“Oh man, I’m glad I finally got rid of THAT gas bubble!!” 

Hopefully my own captions will help Jodi get her Mojo back!!  Meanwhile, I have a few short “housekeeping” items to mention.  (Thanks, Jan, for that idea!) … 

Ducky is doing great on her IBD/IBS meds!  She does have “episodes” now and then, but that’s just part of life when you have a dog with IBD.  You can control some of their diet — i.e. which dog food and treats you give them — but if they are scavengers like Ducky, there is just NO WAY to control everything they eat.  I tried to, for a few days, but Ducky is just too quick, and too low to the ground, for me to be able to keep her from eating all the yard trash that she consumes in a day.  So, I just let her have her fun playing with her older sisters in between snacks made up of twigs and acorns.

This past Wednesday I took Callie and Shadow to the vet for “peace-of-mind” (mine) visits.  Callie had been shaking her head a little bit, and on Monday I cleaned some dirt out of the outer ear.  Plus, we’ve had to almost yell at her at times to get a response.  Dr. Steve cleaned out her left ear (the dirty one), did a swab of both to check for problems, and informed me that it’s just her allergies giving her grief.  So we brought home ear drops to use this week and a suggestion to give her one 25-mg Benadryl tablet per day. As for the delayed responses to our calls?  Well, chalk it up to her stubbornness for the most part.  If she’s happy in whatever position she happens to be in when we call to her, she’ll stay there until we go get her.  There’s no sign of hearing loss at all.  That was a relief!   Shadow has been rubbing her side — where she has a pimple/wart-like thing just forward of her left rear leg — along the chain link fence lately.  I was looking for it — to ask the vet about — when I felt a small lump.  The pimple thingie is just a sebaceous adenoma, nothing to worry about.  And a needle aspiration of the lump revealed a fatty tumor.  Again, nothing to worry about.  And while we were there anyway, I just had the vet tech trim both girls’ nails for me.

That’s it for me this week.  I hope y’all have a great weekend!!  And, Jodi, I hope my you-inspired captions help you find your lost Mojo!!


Friday the 13th? Bad luck day? Only if you buy into superstition — or as my Mom used to call it, “stuporsition” — which I don’t. To me, it’s just another day. And today is a good day at our house.

The youngest child of one of my dearest friends is graduating from high school today. I’m very proud of her, and of her mom,

Then there’s Callie. In my post on Wednesday, I told y’all that on Monday morning Callie’s latest stint on the DL was over and she was released from her on-leash restriction. To “celebrate” she followed her younger sisters in a run out the back door to pursue a squirrel. In the process of that pursuit, I assume (since I didn’t see what actually happened), my poor girl badly strained the leg that she’d had the TPLO surgery on 16 months ago. I gave her some Tramadol on Monday, which seemed to help a little bit. I kept giving her the Tramadol at twice-daily intervals; but while it helped somewhat, I wasn’t comfortable with the slow healing process so made an appointment for her with the vet for this morning. The vet said that the good news was that she didn’t seriously damage the leg, nor did she cause any damage to the other rear leg. She strained her foot, so he increased her Tramadol dosage for the weekend and into next week. If it’s still painful, then we’ll worry about “taking pictures”. But she’s walking better today than she has all week, so she will be fine.

Then there’s my little “wild child” as our vet calls Ducky. The nickname fits her well, and he says it with the greatest affection — like when we call her “Demon Dog” — so I just smile. But back to Ducky’s issues….

When I brought Ducky to the vet on Tuesday morning to have him check her over, it was because her vomiting episodes seemed to be increasing and becoming more frequent lately. Up until Sunday, I’d been convinced it was because she eats so darn fast that she would actually burp right after a meal. I went back to using the Kong Wobbler on Sunday evening for “serving” her meals. She’s still having episodes, but at least she’s eating much more slowly.

So, as a result of our conversation on Tuesday morning, the vet and I agreed that a barium test — and X-rays — are warranted for the “wild child”. After paying for that visit, and before bringing Ducky home, I scheduled the test for next Tuesday. Meanwhile, after examining Callie’s legs this morning, the vet mentioned Ducky’s issue. As he had requested on Tuesday, I took a picture of her next “episode” and emailed it to him last night. He said that going by the picture, and the length of time between her last meal and/or treat and the episode, my poor baby is suffering from “delayed gastric emptying”. Now the goal is to find out why and then to decide on the best treatment. A big relief came when Steve said that unless there is an actual obstruction; i.e. a piece of toy or some other “foreign” matter, he does not want to do surgery. He feels that surgery, even by the most skilled of surgeons, in these cases leaves the animal vulnerable to even more, worse problems. He would rather treat with medicine and consider surgery only as a last resort. Phew! I felt better instantly after hearing him say that!

I know Ducky won’t be happy about the X-rays and “upper GI” on Tuesday; but this has to be done. We HAVE TO find out what is going on with her and get down to the work of resolving it before it gets any worse. And in the end, she will be a much healthier, happier dog. And maybe less reactive around people, too.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you and your pets are all happy and healthy today! Have a tail-wagging weekend!


I can’t believe it’s Friday again! Where has this past week gone?! Oh well. There is one little change from last week: THIS week I’m co-hosting the Follow Up Friday blog hop with Jodi at Heart Like A Dog instead of just participating. If you haven’t already, why not hop on over there and see what the mischievous Delilah and sweet, innocent Sampson are up to lately. Knowing Delilah, she’s probably still gloating over her human-shaming post from earlier this week. 🙂


Since last Friday, not much out of the ordinary has been going on around here. Sooooooo, I thought I’d just share a couple of things I forgot about last week. Where to start? These are probably going to be in no particular order, so forgive me if I seem discombobulated because I am today….

Well, in an effort to get Callie and Shadow moving a little more, I’ve been playing “Chuck-It” fetch with them. The last time we played I think Callie may have overdone her running a little bit, even though I try to keep it to a minimum. Here are two pix…one where Shadow is eyeing the chuck-it toy, the other is both of them looking for the ball. I’m having a hard time with the WordPress editor today, so these pix aren’t gonna be centered. Sorry.

Let's Play Mom

Let’s Go, Mom!

Where's the Ball

Where did the ball go, girls?

Then there’s my silly little demon dog, Ducky, who has decided that her empty food bowl is a toy to carry out to the living room…

Jodi, I seem to remember you posting something similar that Delilah does with her food bowl so you can probably relate quite well to this little bit of entertainment a la Ducky.

Well folks, I’m not sure if I’ve missed anything else from this past week so rather than bore you any further, I’ll simply invite you to join Jodi and me on the Follow Up Friday blog hop.

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Is It Friday Again Already?!

Today I’m joining the Follow Up Friday blog hop as a co-hostess.  You know — the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and takes you right into the weekend.  In my case, it’s a wrap up of nearly a month…oh well, that’s what happens when you get lazy.


After weeks of procrastination (and unabashed, unashamed laziness), I finally checked out and after three separate conversations with their sales/technician guys, decided on one that would work for me.  It’s the SEBO X-4 Upright.  I’d been considering the Miele Dog & Cat, but the darn thing weighs more than Ducky; and I have a hard enough time carrying her when I need to.  At least with Ducky, I can distribute her weight to make it easier on my back and arms.  A vacuum cleaner isn’t nearly as pliable as my dog.  Anyway, when I mentioned that I needed a machine that wasn’t heavier than my dog and didn’t need constant dog hair removal breaks, I was told about the SEBO.  Number One, it weighs about the same as my Oreck; and Number Two, it has a removable roller brush to make it a heck of a lot easier to get the dog hair off.  I said “is it easy to remove and replace, even for someone who is not mechanically inclined?”  The yes response sold me.  My new vacuum cleaner is waiting for me to put it to use.  I’ll let you know at some point how the first use goes.


Once again I found myself inspired by Sugar’s “Tasty Tuesday” blog hop post this week.  After receiving a quick reply to my question about making the layered sweet potato frosty bones, I decided to try making them myself that afternoon.  I had to do some grocery shopping anyway on Tuesday morning, so I bought two fresh sweet potatoes along with the other items on my list.  I followed the recipe, used my paw-shaped molds, and made some sweet potato frosty paws for the girls.  I figured between the plain yogurt and the sweet potato, the treat would help settle Callie’s tummy, and wouldn’t hurt Shadow or Ducky either.  Callie, I believe, was reacting to the heat and humidity of the day.  After a late afternoon s.l.o.w walk around the back yard, she seemed to feel better.  I had Sam (aka hubby) stop at the grocery store on his way home from work and pick up some Fresh Pet chicken “pate” — the stuff in the sausage roll — for Callie.  As soon as she ate she was back to her normal, happy self again.  Around 9:30, I gave each of my girls a frosty paw which they happily devoured.  Callie has been fine since.


Well, Ducky Doodle is — by my best guess — just plain bored with her Wobbler.  Or maybe it’s the food she’s bored with.  Anyway, she prefers to eat out of a “big girl’s bowl”, especially if all she’s getting is the kibble she’s been eating since the third week after she joined the family.  So, until I can get a third slow-feed bowl, I’ll put Ducky’s food in Callie’s or Shadow’s bowl after they finish eating their meals.  So far, she hasn’t had an upset tummy from eating too fast.  She had been sick on Friday last week, as I shared on Facebook, so I kept her home on Saturday to let her rest.  I had figured the heat had gotten to her some — and it probably had — but when I called the daycare folks on Saturday morning so they wouldn’t worry about her, Amanda told me that she had caught Ducky chomping on some mulch out in their yard.  The little demon dog must have ingested more of it than they knew.  She’s so quick when she wants to be, I’m certainly not blaming them for it.  She’s still very much a puppy and part Black Lab at that; so she’s going to try to eat everything if we don’t catch her at it despite a million and one games of “trade me” to teach her not to.  🙂


For several weeks now I’ve been saying I have to get back to reading the course material for my CEP course on working with shelter dogs.  Well, since I’ve taken a “sabbatical” from helping Julie (my externship mentor trainer) until the week after Labor Day, this would be a good time to start.  I just have to stop being so darn lazy.  I’m not going to lie and say I’m ashamed of myself for it because I’m not ashamed.  I’ve just gotten too complacent with every aspect of life and that’s not good.  So, back to getting out of bed at 6:30 “in the blessed a m” (to quote Colonel Potter in the M*A*S*H episode I watched the other night).  No more playing the iPod version of solitaire for 2 or 3 hours after hubby goes to sleep.  Sigh…

Thank God it is Friday!  It means I can sleep an extra half hour tomorrow morning.  And, thank YOU, Jodi at HeartLikeADog for allowing me to co-host the blog hop with you!  It has indeed been both an honor and a pleasure!

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Follow Up Friday

Here I am again, joining the Follow-Up Friday blog hop, the one that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Let’s see, what do I need to follow up on today?


Well, first there’s Shadow’s vet visit this morning.  She is VERY HAPPY to have the stitches out!  I don’t know how that one piece of suture that was sticking straight out didn’t drive her straight up the wall, across the ceiling, and back down the other wall!  I know I would have been pawing at it constantly to get it out of my line of peripheral vision!  But she was a good girl – she just left it alone the whole nine days it was there.  Anyway, the stitches are out now, and so is the cyst thingy.  It has a really long, medical name that the vet told me this morning but which I can’t remember for the life of me – getting older is a bitch sometimes – but the important thing is that it WAS benign, as he had said last week.

And while Callie and Shadow rested on the nice cool floor of the examining room, Doctor Steve and I had a good conversation about Ducky.  I DID ask him if it’s possible Ducky’s bipolar.  He laughed, probably because he remembered how nuts she acted the first time I brought her in to see him.  “Why do you ask?”  So I told him about the girls at Ducky’s daycare regaling me with stories of how Ducky will be giving them puppy kisses one minute and then growling at them the next.  “I had to laugh the first time they told me about it because it’s SO DUCKY, but they got me thinking and I decided I had to ask you.”  He smiled and said – and I’ll shorten his full answer for you – “There just hasn’t been much research into it, so anything I could tell you would just be opinion; but I believe that an animal can suffer from the same mental disorders or diseases that a human can.  Other than the SSRI’s like Prozac, there really isn’t much we can use to treat the symptoms with.  And as far as Ducky goes, I believe that the more you work with her, the less she’ll exhibit the symptoms.  She’ll probably grow out of it as she progresses through her teenage months into adulthood.”  In fact, she has been outgrowing some of her anxieties (thank goodness).  But somehow I think I’m going to miss her “little demon” side if she completely outgrows it.  She’s just such a cutie-patootie that I can’t help but laugh at her antics, even if they are “demonic” at times.

As for Ducky’s training session on Wednesday, I wrote a post about it yesterday on my other blog – Obedience Training Journal – that I started back when I first started my externship last year, before we even knew Ducky existed.  Day One went well.  I accidentally “published” the post before I had planned to, but decided to leave it alone rather than copy/paste it into a new post and then delete the old one.  So, here’s the link…

Working with Ducky

Read it if you want to, or don’t – either way is okay.  I don’t expect anyone else to be all that interested in the details.  It’s probably a little boring unless you’re into that kind of thing.  And, it’s the first thing I’ve posted on that blog since I took the “Train Your Dog Month” Challenge back in January.  Anyway, that’s it for me this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!!  And to those of you who are at BlogPaws, remember to bring home plenty of goodies for the fur-kids!!

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Follow-up Friday

I know it’s Friday night already, but this is the first chance I’ve had to update my post, so, I’m here to say I’m joining Heart Like A Dog and Misty Shores Chesapeakes for the Follow-Up Friday blog hop that let’s you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.

Well, the results from the vet visit on Wednesday aren’t in yet; but the vet was 99.9% certain that the thing he removed from the bridge of Shadow’s nose is benign so as far as I’m concerned, no news is good news.

My caption for this picture


is “Oh, Mom, didjahaftadothat?!?!”

And for this one…


“I luvz my naps!”

That’s the long and short of my follow-ups for this week.  And one more thought….

I’m holding Julie and Kevin of the Daily Dog Blog in my thoughts and prayers as they make their way through these difficult days.  Their beloved Cali crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday evening.

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A Couple of Things

Here it is, Friday again — and once again time for Follow-up Friday.  The blog hop hosted by Heart Like a Dog that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  So, come along and join the fun.


Just a couple of things to tell you about today…..

Callie had her six-week check-up with the surgeon on Monday.  Her leg is healing nicely and she has “good range of motion” in the leg, so I must be doing something right.  When I walked her down the hall so he could watch how she carried herself, Dr. Matt said the leg looked great.  All he noticed was a little bit of a sway to her gait, but that indicates hip “issues” which we already know about and are managing.  He didn’t see any sign of lameness at all, like he sometimes sees in the older dogs.  Callie might be an “older” dog age-wise, but certainly not where it counts!  She goes back for her 12-week x-rays on June 3rd.  While I fully expect she will still be limited to no running, no jumping, and no playing with her younger sisters for another 4 to 6 weeks, I’m hoping it will be 4 weeks and not six.

Ducky:  I have been really strict lately about the consequences of her “bad” behaviors (mostly growling at Shadow), and it’s starting to pay off.  Of course the hubby grumbles and gripes a lot — almost as much as Ducky! — but I laid down the law and I’ve stuck to it like a bee to honey.  It stings sometimes, but they’ll get over it.  I am NOT going to stand for any more of her “temper tantrums”.  Either she gives it up or she loses privileges, like being allowed up in Daddy’s lap.  Thursday night she lost that privilege for the whole night.  Last night, she started baring teeth at Shadow while I was petting both of them.  That got her a ten-minute time-out in the bathroom, behind the puppy gate.  When I let her back out in the living room, she went straight to one of the dog beds and went to sleep.  It may not sound like much of an improvement from one night to the next, but considering where she was when we adopted her seven months ago (Wednesday), it’s a huge improvement.  I truly am proud of my little demon dog.  She even seems to be improving her overall attitude toward strangers in my presence, which has been another area of concern.

Well, that’s it for me.  I need to get back to my studying, before we get those thunderstorms the Weather Channel is talking about and Callie gets anxious.  Even though I got my test due date pushed out by one week (to the 30th), the time is FLYING by like one of those supersonic jets.

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Follow-Up Friday, Again

Where has this week gone?  It seems like the days are just FLYING by lately.  And, the older I get, the faster the days fly by.  Oh well, that’s life!  Well since it IS Friday, it’s time to join the Follow-Up Friday blog hop, so come along and enjoy the ride.   This is the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.



Monday Mischief aka The Four Stages of Destruction – Author’s Note:

You remember how the Kong Wubba looked in the third stage?  The poor toy was about to just completely fall apart?  Well, it finally did fall apart on Monday night so here’s the fourth and final stage of destruction a la Ducky…

Wubba Destruction 4

The squeaky, rubber ball finally fell out of the Wubba – and was instantly snatched up and carried around the house by Miss Ducky Doodle Demon Dog (4D?) herself the rest of the night.  The remainder of the toy was put in the trash bin for the garbage man to take to the dump on Tuesday morning.    Poor toy doesn’t stand a chance with Ducky!  Maybe, as she gets a little older she might be less destructive with her toys?  I don’t really care one way or the other, as long as she leaves things like furniture and people “toys” alone (which she does now that she’s not teething any more).   Meanwhile, since Ducky has already started working on one of Shadow’s Wubbas, I stopped at our PetSmart on the way home this morning (after dropping the little monster off at daycare) and bought Shadow a new one.  This one will stay out for Shadow to play with, but as soon as Ducky gets home, it gets put up in the closet out of Ducky’s reach.  Same for the Kong Cozie toy that I bought for Callie this morning while I was replacing Shadow’s Wubba.

Pardon Me for Venting – Author’s Note:

Just a quick note to say that I’m not going to read the comments on the ASPCA blogs any more.  One of my friends wrote to me that people who write comments like the ones I got so “upset” about on Tuesday are just doing it for attention and wouldn’t have the audacity to say such things in public.  Well, that may be true and may not be but nasty, disrespectful comments like those are not worth my time and energy.  So, as my friend Forrest Gump would say…”that’s all I have to say about that.”


Ducky’s in the Dog House at Daycare (and other This ‘N That Thursday postlets) – Author’s Notes

Ducky wasn’t really in the doghouse on Wednesday.  The girls just thought she looked so cute sitting there that they couldn’t resist taking a picture of her.  They really love my little demon dog down there.

As for sisterly love, it’s wonderful how much my two Golden Girls love each other.  They truly are inseparable…when I bring Callie in on the porch while Shadow does her business, she just sits right inside the door waiting for her.  And before she tore her ligament and had to have the surgery, she would always be right at Shadow’s side to protect her from anything out in the yard (just in case I wasn’t close by enough).  Now Shadow watches us as I walk Callie around the yard to lightly exercise the leg and get it “working” right again.  Sometimes she even walks right next to us.

And I LIVE FOR quiet moments!  I love my husband dearly, but when he’s home the TV is blaring from the minute he sits in his chair to the minute we go to bed, unless we happen to be going out somewhere.  It drives me nuts!  I can’t even hear myself think at times.  So, when he’s at work, or otherwise occupied at home, I have the “music choice” 60’s channel on and the volume set just high enough to know it’s on, but low enough so that I can hear the dogs breathing/snoring.  And when Ducky’s sleeping on one of the dog beds, or just chewing on a bone, I relish the moment.  And if she’s awake and quiet, I give her quiet praise.  Maybe one of these days, she’ll figure out why.  Hehe.


One Last Thing from Several Weeks Ago:

In one of her posts, Pamela at Something Wagging This Way Comes was talking about an article by Suzanne Clothier titled He Just Wants To Say Hi” and what an excellent article it was about relationship building with one’s dog (or dogs).  I told her in my comments that I really need to read it.  And I know Jodi mentioned it in one of her “Heart Like A Dog” posts, too.  Well, I FINALLY got around to reading it yesterday.  It is definitely an excellent article to read, especially for anyone with a “reactive” dog…like me!  And, for any dog trainer/handler (or trainer-to-be)…again, like me.  I’m going to re-read it as soon as I get a chance.  I’m also going to forward a copy to several of my buddies in the Cesar Millan/Dog Whisperer community.  And before you say or think anything, let me tell you that these folks are great “dog people”.  They all have wonderful relationships with their own dogs, and share stories and information with the “newbies” in the community who might ask for/need guidance in certain areas of their relationships with their dogs.  And they DON’T worship Cesar like a god.  In fact, the community has moved away from the Dog Whisperer’s website and formed its own forum.  I’ve made a lot of great online friendships in that forum.  I truly believe that my buddies will recognize right away the common sense information/advice Suzanne Clothier provides in her article.


Well, that does it for me today.  Time to shut down the computer and give my Golden Girls some attention before the day slips away from us.  Have a great weekend everyone!!