February is Pet Dental Month

I’m not promoting any pet dental products. I’m just gently reminding my readers that this is a good time to have your pets’ dental health checked by their veterinarian. Our vet – and maybe yours, too – is offering a discount on dental cleanings this month.

Last week, after Shadow’s annual exam, I realized that with everything else we were talking about – including Ducky – the vet and I both completely forgot to check Shadow’s teeth.

So, I lifted her lips and looked at them myself. And instantly felt guilty, like a horrible dog mom. I called the vet and made a new appointment to have him check them. 

The good news is that her teeth look pretty good for a dog her age (12). She has a little calcification, and a teensy bit of gum inflammation near the worst tooth. But the cleaning next week will take care of that; and then I will make myself be a better mom. For Ducky, too.

Who knows? Maybe the cleaning will help relieve some of her reflux as well. Then she’ll be a really happy girl, like in this photo.


10 thoughts on “February is Pet Dental Month

  1. Life With 3 Dogs says:

    What a beautiful dog..I can’t resist a gray face doggy!! Don’t feel bad our dog chipped his tooth and I didn’t even notice it until a few days later! I felt terrible. He ended up having to get it pulled and had his teeth cleaned while they were in there.

  2. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    While I’d love to be one of ‘those’ mom’s who are religious about teeth cleaning, I must confess, I’m not. But we are getting better at it and do it a little more frequently. Now if only I could get myself to floss every night! LOL

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