Shadow’s Re-check

Shadow and I just got home from her re-check appointment with the vet….

The sprain has healed and playtime restrictions have been lifted! YAYYYYY!  Now we can really work on her eating habits.

When Shadow doesn’t play, she doesn’t get enough exercise to work up an appetite. So, with the restricted play this past week, she hasn’t had much of an appetite. I suspect that she will start eating “better” now that she can run, play, and chase Ducky, me, and the ball again. 😃

And she lost a pound in between these two vet visits, so we have some leeway in keeping her weight stable.

It’s windy and chilly – but sunny with beautiful blue skies – again today. So Shadow and I may spend most of the day out here in the yard again. 

To ALL the Moms out there in Blogville: HAPPY MOTHERS DAY WEEKEND!! It’s our weekend to howl! Whatever you do, enjoy it!!


7 thoughts on “Shadow’s Re-check

  1. 2 Brown Dawgs says:

    I bet Shadow is happy to be able to play fetch again. I have two on restricted activity (Thunder with stitches and Storm with her shoulder). Both are driving me nuts. lol

    • My Golden Life says:

      Ohmigosh, you sure have your hands full! At least when Callie was still with us, it seemed they took turns needing restrictions so it wasn’t all that hard. And the one who wasn’t restricted helped me take care of the one who was…it was so sweet. 😇

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