Life Surrounded by Hope

I’ve been having a rough time for the past several months, especially since my Callie became ill and then received her angel wings. This post from my “sister from a different mister”/very dear friend was exactly what I needed this morning.

Sacred Journey


Long ago in the midst of a horrible separation I wrote my ex a letter in Spanglish expressing how I felt during the many years of our union.  In those days I took very little responsibility for what I brought into that relationship.  It was easier to blame him for most of it. It was comforting to tell the stories of victimization and believe I had no handle in things.  I am embarrassed to say that my ego was huge.  It was arrogance and an unwillingness to take participation in the choices I had made.  In this letter I expressed that Hope was a thing of the past.  I, in full blown sarcasm, told him that Esperanza (which is Hope in Spanish) was an old woman living in Peru on some mountain, and that she didn’t live in our relationship anymore.  Hope was not available. The blame from both of…

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3 thoughts on “Life Surrounded by Hope

  1. Jan K says:

    I love her idea that hope and happiness are always within us, sometimes we just lose track of them and need to find them again. I hope you are finding both, Sue; I know it can be very difficult to find our way back through grief.

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