A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

First of all, today is Ducky’s 4th Birthday, so Happy Birthday to my sweet little demonbrat! 

Now, how often have we all heard and/or said “a tired dog is a good dog”? Dozens? Hundreds? I’ve lost count in my own case. 

I became spoiled with Callie and Shadow as they grew into mature adults. As puppies and younger adults they were pretty wild. Callie was the independent ring leader; and Shadow just went along for the ride. Anything Callie did Shadow had to at least try to keep up. And Callie always made sure her little sister was at her side. But as they got older they mellowed out.  

Then Ducky came along and turned everything upside-down and sideways.

What made Ducky tired yesterday was six hours straight of playing with her daycare friends at the Valentine’s Day party. 

Although Ducky’s boyfriend wasn’t at the party, they spent a full four hours playing together a few weeks ago. They wore each other out. Take a look at these pix that Casper’s mom took of the two of them.







Aren’t they cute together? 


17 thoughts on “A Tired Dog Is A Good Dog

  1. Jan K says:

    Happy Birthday, Ducky!! Those two certainly are adorable together. Our girls had gotten pretty mellow as they aged too, but when Luke came along he really re-energized them. But often, in the evening he gets a little whiny wanting to do something, and the girls are pretty comfortably napping! So it’s left to me to entertain him. Once the weather gets better we’ll spend more time outside wearing him out though.

  2. Groovy Goldendoodles says:

    First let me say “Happy Birthday” to Ducky – then let me tell you how I laughed out loud when I read the word demonbrat. Too funny LOL I’ve got one of those two. I agree – tired dogs are such good dogs. I love it when mine are exhausted.

  3. somethingwagging says:

    Bitey face is the best game ever. Dogs only play it with each other when they really feel comfortable.

    It looks like you’ve found a perfect day care for Ducky. So glad she had a happy birthday.

  4. Jodi says:

    They ARE cute together. I need to figure out a way for Delilah to have a playmate. She keeps trying to play with Sampson and I have to keep putting the kybosh on it. I feel badly for both of them because they really want to play.

  5. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Darn…we missed Ducky’s birthday 😦 Hope it was a great one! Those pictures are adorable. We especially like the second one! Too cute! Happy Belated Birthday Ducky!

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