Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up


Welcome to the Pet Blogger Bloopers Roundup for February, hosted by The Lazy Pit Bull.

This year we decided to get together with other pet bloggers and do something that’s different and promises to be a lot of fun. We get to share a photo that didn’t go as planned. And when you live with a dog like Ducky, that happens a lot! Now it will be worthwhile to hang onto some of those photos that probably should get deleted, and share one each month that made us laugh or shake our heads when it popped up on the computer, and hopefully will give our readers a laugh too.

I don’t remember exactly which post I was trying to put together when I took this photo (maybe it was “Play With Me”); but even though I decided not to use it, I loved it so much I couldn’t delete it.


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13 thoughts on “Pet Blogger Bloopers Round-Up

  1. Jodi says:

    That’s adorable!! I have one of Delilah in the sweatshirt and she’s shaking her head so it’s blurry. BUT I can’t delete it either.

    You just have to love them, they all tell a story.

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