Ducky’s Disappearance/Shadow’s Nonchalance

Yesterday afternoon, while I had the girls outside for some fresh air, Ducky disappeared on me. She had me scared half to death, the little stinker!!

I was cleaning up the yard of well, dog poop, talking to the girls as I walked around with the pooper scooper in one hand and the pusher blade in the other hand. I asked Ducky “where’s your poop, Ducky” as though I expected an answer in words. (I didn’t, but it probably would have looked that way to my neighbors.)  When I didn’t get an answer – a tail wag or play bow – as I turned to look at her, I called to her. “Ducky, where are you?” She usually answers that question by running over to me with the Kong Bounzer in her mouth, ready to play keep away.

No answer. I walked around the yard again – finding and scooping up her poop along the way – calling her name and getting no response. I started getting truly concerned. I could not find her anywhere. I decided to put the pooper scooper back in its place on the side of the porch so I could grab my phone and call the hubby – he was inside watching a football game – to ask him to come out and help me find Ducky.  As I put the pooper scooper in its place, I looked up and into the porch. And there was the little stinker standing at the screen door, waiting to be let back out in the yard.  She had pushed the door open to let herself in but the door doesn’t open in both directions, so she couldn’t get out. πŸ˜…  

After I found Ducky, Shadow was on her way from the very back end of the yard to the porch. As she was walking along the fence line, the neighbors’ chihuahua twins and their bulldog pup came running over to the fence yapping their fool heads off at her.  Shadow totally ignored the twins – something I’ve been working on for quite a while – and stopped to say hello to Jupiter (the bulldog).  As soon as she stopped though, he jumped up at the fence and fussed at her.  She turned away from him – without acknowledging his tantrum as if thinking “up yours” – and continued walking toward the porch door.  I patted her on the head, smiled, and said “good girl!” as I hooked the screen door.    The girls and I came in the house and I told the hubby about Ducky scaring me half to death.


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23 thoughts on “Ducky’s Disappearance/Shadow’s Nonchalance

  1. easyweimaraner says:

    I’m glad Ducky was inside… I agree that are that moments where an icfy cold hand crawls up on our back…. I have that moments mwhen I can’t see Easy in the twilight… and this mean guy waits in a dark edge stock-still like a monument, no matter how often I call his name :o(

  2. somethingwagging says:

    When our dogs “disappear” our heart meds up in our throats.

    I’ve had it happen many times–usually from the hubby locking someone out of the house.

    Surprised Ducky didn’t bark to tell you where she was.

  3. Jodi says:

    Good lord! I lose my dogs all the time. It scares me to death. I’m glad you spotted her, but kind of surprised she didn’t bark at you. πŸ™‚

    • My Golden Life says:

      Well, knowing Ducky, she was probably so focused on something else on the porch floor – like a leaf, acorn, spider web, or dead bug – that she didn’t even hear me calling her. And by the time I spotted her at the door, she had probably just gotten there a split second sooner. She was probably waiting quietly for me to open the door – something else I’ve been working on. πŸ˜…

  4. vickisgreen says:

    My border collie Tim, is very afraid of thunder, fireworks or gunshots. Fortunately he runs to us or home and not away, but he has scared me a couple of times when I couldn’t find him after he found an especially secret place to hide in a closet or under furniture.

  5. Dolly the Doxie says:

    Oh that Ducky how clever! Taffy does something similar, if you just open the back door for a second Taffy gets out and mom looks for her everywhere! Love Dolly

  6. cocoabean2225 says:

    Cocoa is always on her leash because she can’t be trusted to not run off πŸ™‚ Ducky was maybe playing hide and seek πŸ™‚ Silly pups!!

    • My Golden Life says:

      Our yard is fenced in; and neither of the girls (or Callie) has ever figured out they could jump over it if they wanted to, so I’m not worried about them running off. But, we have a neighbor who can’t be trusted so either my hubby or I (or both of us) is always out there with them, or right inside the back door with the door open.

  7. Jan K says:

    I have had those panicked moments when I lose one of the dogs in our yard. I think they just somehow manage to stay just out of my sight when I’m looking for them!
    No one has ever escaped the yard but I panic that one of the gates was open, or that they finally decided to dig out or jump over (not that that’s probable but I can’t help but think it).
    Yay for Shadow handling the other dogs so well. On the rare occasion we’ve had a stray dog wander into our yard, Sheba is the only one that doesn’t completely freak out…LOL.

  8. MyBrownNewfies says:

    Glad Ducky was found! Leroy does that to me all the time. I call him to come in and he just sits there so I go about my business. Later I’ll try to get him to come back in and I can’t find him anywhere in the yard…….that’s because he let himself back in the house and is sleeping behind the bar! Makes my heart stop!

  9. M. K. Clinton says:

    Pierre is the worst about disappearing from my view! He did escape one day when he chased a rabbit out of the yard. We don’t think he even realized it because he was too busy sniffing for the rascally rabbit!

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