A Spiritual Visit

The other evening (this past Thursday to be exact), I had a visit from my beloved Callie.

I couldn’t see her, but I could and did hear her arrive.  I was in the kitchen – getting Shadow’s and Ducky’s dinners ready – when I heard a sound in the bathroom. It was the same sound that Callie always made as she laid down on the linoleum floor when her earthly form was still with us. 

Yet, Shadow always makes a very similar sound when she goes in there. So, I turned to look for Shadow thinking maybe it was her that I’d heard. But she was only a few steps away from me. And as I turned to find her there, I saw that her head was up and her ears and eyes were alert, looking toward the door to the hallway where the bathroom is located. “You heard her too, didn’t you Sweetie?” I said. Then she got up and followed me to the bathroom. 

“Oh, my sweet Callie! I know you’re in here. I can’t see you, but I heard you arrive and I feel your presence there in your favorite spot.” I reached down and stroked Shadow’s head and ears. She was looking intently at the very spot that Callie had always claimed as her own. It was as if Shadow felt Callie there, too. 

I smiled. Callie had come to check up on us. She knew I’d been down in the dumps all week between the endless rain and the bad news about two of Pet Blogville’s own canines. First Jeffie of Sue and the Talking Dogs (on Monday afternoon) and then Lucas of Oh My Dog! on Wednesday evening. (I awoke to the news about Lucas on Thursday morning.) 

Shadow’s tail swished back and forth a few times, and then she turned and walked back into the kitchen. I knew from her movement that she was feeling happier. Maybe Callie “told” her everything will be okay, that she – Callie – would always be with her. I know Callie’s message to me was simple.  She had come home to check up on her mama and sisters*. And to say she’ll be back. But, she has never really left us. Her spirit, her unconditional love, is always with us in our hearts and our thoughts. We will miss her earthly form forever, but her spirit will always be close by to wipe away tears and lift our own spirits out of the doldrums. 

* (Daddy is an agnostic and simply humors me with a cynical smile when I talk about stuff like this. So I share my thoughts with my surviving dogs and those humans who understand.)


22 thoughts on “A Spiritual Visit

  1. Jan K says:

    Oh, Sue, that just warms my heart and brings tears to my eyes at the same time. You are so lucky to have had that visit. Not everyone experiences things like that and it is very special indeed. I’m so glad Callie came at a time when you really needed her.

    • My Golden Life says:

      I hope so, too! They are such sweet, loving spirits! And their unconditional love is also an undying love.

      The more I think about it, the more I tend to believe that Callie’s spirit shared my life in Kissy’s earthly form first. Even though their personalities were completely different, they were both “firsts” in my life. Kissy was the first dog who was mine from the start, not my Mom’s; and Callie was my first Golden Retriever, and Sam’s and my first dog that we had together. Despite the personality differences, they were both as devoted and connected to me as I was to them.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Yes, we do! My Mom once came to “visit” me one afternoon – right around Halloween – not quite a year after she had passed. She didn’t stay for more than a split second, but there was no doubt in my mind that it was Mom standing at the stove when I opened the door at the top of the steps from the playroom.

  2. Patricia says:

    Hi, Sue!

    Yes, I believe you. I know what happened is true.

    Some things have happened here, and I knew it was Rook, or Cirrus. One time the doorbell rang and it was my cousin-in-law waiting. I heard a faint excited bark by the kitchen door, and it seemed like it was Rook who always barked when this cousin came over, his favorite cousin.

    Other times, Shasta would stop and back up hesitantly and cautiously at a space near our beds, and when I called her to come check out the space, she would would not. It was unusual, but I stayed calm and sat in the space and smiled thinking it was Rook.

    Then when it happened a few times right near a spot by my husband’s bed, and Shasta reacted similarly, and would not enter that space, I told my husband it’s Rook, and he said, “Good, Rook,” like he always did. I don’t think these things were my imagination. It was reassuring to have a “visit”.

    There have been a few times I feel a draft above my head while trying to sleep, and the windows are not open (plus no window opening by the headboard). This happened while Rook was still alive, so I think it could be Cirrus. Then there are other signs of her, as always, in the sparkling waters of the lake, or the “cirrus” clouds in the sky.

    Sue, maybe there will be other times you sense Callie’s presence, and you and Shadow will smile each time, but she is always with you anyway, isn’t she?

  3. 2 Brown Dawgs says:

    That is a lovely story.

    On another note. The next time you leave a comment on my blog, can you remember to check the url you are using, (in the comment box)? I was fixing/deleting broken links and I saw that the one you have been using is either wrong or incomplete. It kept coming up as broken.

  4. alehman60 says:

    I know my Cassie Bay who passed at the end of July had come to see me at least once. I was talking to my sister telling her how much I was missing her. Before I knew it I was petting her the way I always did when she would put her head on my knee while comforting me. I swear my hand was following the exact contour of her head. My sister had commented on how I had calmed down and how talking about her must have helped. I told her what happened and she said that she was sure Tazzy the golden had visited her as well.
    I know my mom had visited me about 6 months after she passed. Only it was in a dream. I woke up ready to give her a call, then realized she was gone. Talking to her in that dream had been so real to me. I didn’t remember what we talked about but I do know that when I realized that I couldn’t call her it wasn’t with that crushing blow of “she’s gone and never coming back” it’s was more of a “okay, I know she’s gone but I know she’s okay and I know I’ll see her again one day”. That was a little over 20 1/2 years ago. I still feel the same and I still feel that that my puppies that I’ve had to send over “Thr Rainbow Bridge” will be waiting for me too. I’m looking forward to see them all.

  5. cocoabean2225 says:

    That is beautiful. Callie will always be with you all in your hearts. I feel Daisy every single day and she will forever be with me 🙂 The love of a dog is so beautiful and amazing and will never leave!!

  6. Groovy Goldendoodles says:

    We understand and we appreciate you sharing this with us. I feel Leo around all the time. I used to think I was crazy because I believe Jax has a lot to do with it, but now I don’t even worry about that, I do exactly what you did – I live in the moment and it always makes me smile.

  7. M. K. Clinton says:

    My Golden Retriever and Tabby cat came to visit me not long ago as I was writing a blog post about them. I had changed it because it was so sad. Suddenly, my phone began playing “Memories.” I jumped about a foot out of my chair and just broke down crying. They were letting me know that they hadn’t gone too far. I definitely believe you. ♥

    • My Golden Life says:

      I was going through a pile of receipts today, trying to finally get organized. I came across the last 3 weeks’ worth of vet receipts for Callie and started bawlin like a baby. Shadow came over to me and licked my face. (Ducky was at daycare.)

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