Hard To Believe…

That we’re celebrating Ducky’s 3rd Gotcha Day today! These three years have just flown by! It seems like just yesterday that she was a seven-month-old, super-turbo-charged, adorable puppy in need of a loving, forever home. She stole a piece of our hearts with THOSE EARS….

Our little shelter pup, the one who tormented her much older sisters and drove me up the wall and back down again every day for the first month she was with us. The one whose energy level was – and sometimes still is – too much for us at times. This little girl changed all of our lives forever that day that I adopted/rescued her from our local shelter.

Ducky tormented Callie and Shadow that first month, wanting to play constantly. Callie, bless her heart, tried countless times to teach Ducky how to behave like a puppy should; but all Ducky wanted to do was play till she dropped.

Thank God my good friend, Sabine, convinced me to set up an intro appointment at doggie daycare!! Ironic how that appointment took place on Shadow’s birthday that year – it was probably the best birthday present Shadow could have asked for considering she was the main target of Ducky’s bratitude. I remember asking God the night before for help in dealing with Ducky. Daycare at A Dog’s Day Out, Inc.  was – and continues to be – the best thing in the world for Ducky. Not to mention Callie, Shadow, hubby, and me. It gave her an outlet for her energy, and it taught her how to interact with many different dogs of different ages, sizes, and temperaments. And it gave Callie, Shadow, and I time to relax and enjoy our time together (while hubby was at work) the way we did before Ducky joined the family.

I soooo wish Callie could be here in her earthly form to celebrate with us. Ducky was so sweet that morning we all said goodbye to Callie. I will forever remember how she went to Callie and gave her three kisses and then calmly returned to Sam’s lap. I think our little girl grew up a lot that day.

Now our little one tries to be friends with Shadow. She gives her kisses, and hardly ever gets snarky any more. Maybe all of Callie’s lessons and disciplining are finally sinking in. Or maybe she’s just maturing into a sweet, young adult dog.

Thanks to Jodi at Heart Like A Dog and Linda at 2 Brown Dawgs for co-hosting the Thursday Barks and Bytes blog hop.

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23 thoughts on “Hard To Believe…

  1. Emmadog says:

    Happy 3rd Gotcha Day. My sister Katie and Mom went to the OP where Mom’s last dog was on the table and would not be woken up because the cancer had spread too much. Katie put her paws up and kissed Trine, it still makes Mom cry. Katie was a holy terror who also grew up a bit on that day. Time goes so fast, treasure every day! One day those rotten puppy days will even be missed a bit!

  2. Lycan and Lexie says:

    Happy Gotcha Day!! I can still remember the first few months Lycan came to us. He was an absolute mess. He destroyed toys, ate a hole in the wall, broke his fence and managed to open and pull stuff out of my cupboard and destroy those too. And just like Ducky, he grew up and started behaving(kinda. :P) Callie would be so proud of what Ducky has become.

    • My Golden Life says:

      And as frustrating as those early days were, I wouldn’t give her up for all the money in the world! I bet you feel the same way about Lycan. I believe Callie is proud of her little sister. Her Spirit is smiling down on us all, she (and my previous dog, Kissy) is(are) our Guardian Angel(s) now.

  3. Jodi says:

    Oh Ducky! It’s hard to believe that three years have passed already. it seems like such a short time ago that the ‘Demon Dog’ went to stay with the beautiful golden girls. You have been challenging to your Mama for sure, but I know how much she loves you. Happy Gotcha Day sweet girl!! Thanks for celebrating your birthday with us on the blog hop.

  4. Jan K says:

    Happy Gotcha Day, Ducky!! I’m so glad you persevered with her and that she continues to grow up and make progress all the time. I know….those ears…. so irresistible!

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