Shadow Is Good To Go!

Life without her older sister and bestest friend has been tough on my sweet Shadow. She continues to look for Callie. She misses their sisterly snuggles.

And she misses her dining companion. 

That placemat and water bowl behind Shadow’s tush is where Callie used to stand to eat. Shadow almost always waited for Callie to start eating before she would start to eat her own meal. When Callie stopped eating, Shadow wouldn’t eat either unless she was really, really hungry. Some days, even when I add “people chicken” to her bowl, she won’t eat at all. Most days I have to coax her to start, and to keep going. Even then she won’t always finish her meals.  

Which brings me to this past Thursday. I was concerned – still am – that Shadow is not eating enough to stay healthy. (I’ve already added a doggie multivitamin to her diet.) So I called the vet to make an appointment to check her over. Later that day, the vet tech called me back and said doc wants “you to bring Shadow in tomorrow morning and leave her here for observation, lab work, and possibly X-rays.  And nothing to eat after ten o’clock.” So, I posted a prayer request on Facebook. The response to that request – and the follow-up post yesterday morning – touched me to the point of tears.  

The prayers worked! Dr. Steve called me on my cellphone yesterday afternoon as I was starting the drive home with Ducky from daycare. I pulled over and put the car in park and called him back…

“Shadow is a very healthy girl. I was afraid the x-rays were going to reveal something we would have to talk about; but they were completely clear and all the blood work results are normal. She has a few small crystals in her urine, but drinking more water should dissolve those.” I very happily said “That’s good news!” He corrected me with “It’s wonderful news!” And then, “I was rewarded with a kiss when I told her Mom is coming to bring you home, Sweetheart.” That’s my Shadow.  

So my sweet girl was happy and good to go (home). Now we have to help each other adjust to life without our beloved Callie. Ducky is trying to help, too. She gives Shadow kisses, and she gives me kisses too. That’s a good start. Don’t ya think? 🙂



18 thoughts on “Shadow Is Good To Go!

  1. Jan K says:

    Oh, I can see why Shadow is not eating well now, if she would really only eat with Callie. Like I said on FB, I am just so happy and relieved for you that Shadow got a clean bill of health. It sounds like Ducky is doing her part to try to help both of you…that is so sweet!
    You’ll all get each other through this…one day at a time…lots and lots of time. The pain never goes away completely, but it does ease up.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks, Jan! I have a feeling getting Shadow to eat the way she did when Callie was healthy and happy is going to take a lot of time, love, and even patience on my part. I’m glad now that I kept those vitamins I’d gotten back in January when I was giving them all home-cooked meals! At least they will help to supplement the few vitamins she does get from the little bit of food she is eating.

  2. zoephee says:

    I am so glad that Shadow’s vet visit went well! I hope she starts eating better for you soon! I’m so sorry about all of this! ~hugs~

  3. somethingwagging says:

    Grief is unfortunately the price of great love. Shadow is lucky to have concerned family and friends. I hope she finds comfort in the coming days, weeks, and months without Callie.

    And I hope the same for you.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks Pamela! We’ll get through this. Somehow. Ducky is so tuned in to me that when she senses my grief, she comes running to give me her sweet puppy kisses. She gives – or tries to give – Shadow kisses too. Sometimes Shadow isn’t too sure about her, but considering their “history” I just let it slide. They have to work it out between themselves.

  4. Patricia says:

    Yes, that is good news about Shadow! I bet if you keep her active throughout the day, she may eat on her own. Did he have any ideas about something to increase appetite (there are natural ones, and medication)? Some people use Natural Balance dog food rolls you can hide in the regular food, or try mixing soft food and kibble. At her age, it’s okay to add home cooking to kibble, or mash up kibble. Sometimes I even bought baked chicken from the deli, and pulled off pieces of meat (no skin) to get Cirrus to eat…

    As far as the mourning process, there is no rush, just time, and make a decision for when to take a break from the sadness and keep Shadow occupied and active, and you can make a point to be in the moment with both Ducky and Shadow, and of course, your husband. Once in awhile, play happy happy music. Shadow may be sensing your anxiety, whether it is about her or Callie’s passing. So, putting your emotions aside while interacting with her, and be more neutral, may help her.

    Whenever you can get away, take Shadow with you, maybe to a park you’ve never been to with Callie, you know (if that’s possible).

    It was really hard after Cirrus died and I wanted to keep things as normal as possible with Rook, and whenever he felt my sadness, and I was stuck in that emotion, he always brought me back to the present by nudging my hand and looking up at me as we walked. Ducky’s doing a great job bringing you back, too.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Sometimes it’s hard to get away, but we can at least play out in the backyard, or in the room downstairs. Ducky has her friends at daycare. Shadow just wants to be near me all day long. Which is fine, because there are times when I just need to have her there.

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