Just A Thought

With all that’s been going on around here with Callie since Thursday, I’m just now getting caught up – somewhat – on my blog reading and commenting.  

The last blog post I read was Maggie Marton’s most recent one about Lucas. Her sweet, big boy.  And my heart is broken.  Tears were overflowing, running down my face. I needed a break from reading. 

I keep thinking about one of Maggie’s earlier post titles, “Some of It Is Good. All of It Is Hard”.  This past week has been hard on all of us here, especially on poor Callie.  Maggie’s post made me instantly grateful that Callie’s situation is at least hopeful. 

I almost cry every time I see how thin Callie has gotten over these last few weeks.  And I almost cry every time she tries to walk more than a few feet in any direction. I can see that the arthritis in her hips is bothering her; but she is so determined to retain her independence that she keeps going. Slowly. But it’s at that point when she finds a comfortable spot and lays down.

Now I find myself choking back tears thinking of Lucas’s prognosis. Callie’s prognosis is “decent”, and the vet told me yesterday that the chemo is working for her. The swelling in her lymph nodes is going down.  And she’s starting to eat again, even without the prednisone. Every chance I get, I tell Callie that we’re going to get her feeling better and how much we love her. And her tail starts to swish back and forth as it always does when she’s happy.

Maggie and her husband and Lucas, Emmett, Cooper, and Newt are all in my thoughts and prayers. They are in my heart. And I hope they can feel the hugs I’m sending telepathically.  I’ve been so involved with Callie this past week that I haven’t taken much time to let others know I’m still here. I hope you will all forgive me. And believe you’re in my thoughts, even if those thoughts don’t manage to get written.

Before I close, I want to let SlimDoggy Kate and Steve know that I’m thinking of them and Jack and Maggie, too. Maggie finished her SRS treatment this past week for her osteosarcoma and the last post I saw indicated that she is feeling much better.  Hope you guys are enjoying Maggie’s special weekend!  And BJ Pup, I hope you’re starting to feel better, too. I know your mom, Lynda, is relieved to have found a vet who really does care about her patients. And one last thought. Please say a prayer for my friends, Jimmy and Kay’s canine nephew.  His vet just sent some of Socks’ blood to the lab to see why his kidneys aren’t responding well to treatment. Jimmy, Kay, and Caroline (Kay’s sister and Socks’ mom) are all quite concerned right now.


4 thoughts on “Just A Thought

  1. somethingwagging says:

    First, I’m so happy to read that the vet is seeings signs of the chemo working. And that Callie appears to be feeling better. Hallelujah!

    I also have been crying along with Maggie and John and Kate and Steve. Everyone who has ever loved a dog can relate to the worry and stress that comes along eventually.

    I think of it as being in a club no one ever wants to join.

  2. Jan K says:

    There are so many of you going through tough times right now, and my heart is with all of you. Every morning I am on Facebook checking everyone’s pages for updates, eyes filled with tears, understanding the pain and worry. I’ve been through this stuff and know how tough it is, but honestly, it is easier with all the blog and online friends I now have. I know you are feeling that same support…it is such a help to have people that understand what you’re going through, and sometimes your immediate family and friends just can’t provide that.
    I’ve seen you out there supporting others, and I know it can be tough to find the time and energy to do that when your own pain is zapping your energy. You are a strong and kind person, and a great friend, because you are still thinking of others when you have enough to deal with as it is.

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