Cornucopia of Updates

I was trying to come up with a title for this post that would catch your attention. Even if just a little bit. Did I succeed?

Callie Update

Callie had her second round of chemo on Tuesday morning. As I mentioned in my Facebook post late Tuesday night, she had lost more weight but her white blood cell count was good so the vet decided to go ahead.

Yesterday she was doing great; but for some reason this morning she was more restless than usual. And she didn’t eat as much of her breakfast as I would have liked. While she slept at hubby’s feet, I took her sisters out to play.

After I gave Callie her prednisone, though, she perked up some and decided she wanted to play some fetch with Shadow and me. Now they’re both resting in the shade of our oak tree. So I’m feeling better.

Shadow Update

Some of you may know that we tried Prozac for Shadow’s hypersensitivity to our moods. Well, all it did was adversely effect her appetite (within the first few days), so we stopped using it. That was four weeks ago now. After three weeks, she was still not wanting to eat. So, on Monday morning I took her back to the vet for an exam. Her poop was a little soft, but the lab’s fecal test result came back negative.

She eats her complete night-time meal with a little coaxing – and only after Callie has almost finished her own – but breakfast? Uh-uh, no. She’ll eat the kibble with some coaxing, but not the canned stuff. So, today I’m going to try yet another approach. I’ll let you know if it works out.

At least she’s NOT vomiting. And she is still wanting to play like she always has. And she’s definitely still my Velcro Dog. I think she is just very concerned about her older sister/bestest friend in the whole world. She knows something is different – she sniffs Callie all over when we get home from the vet on Tuesday afternoons – but she just doesn’t understand what’s going on. Hopefully, as Callie’s cancer goes into remission and she acts more like herself, Shadow will regain her old eating habits.

Ducky Update

As you may know from my Facebook posts, Ducky has been doing great on the treadmill. She’s now up to ten full minutes at 1.5 mph.

I’m going to keep her at that level for a few weeks now though. The last few days she has been trying to avoid the slip lead and the treadmill. Her confidence has slipped a little.

Lately she has been barking at hubby almost every time he moves. Almost like she’s leery of him. And when he’s in one of his grumpier moods, she’s taken to hiding under the table again. She had not done that for several weeks.

At least she’s not as reactive with strangers down at daycare. She still barks and snarks a little, but she settles down faster once out the door where she can’t see the other pet parent.

So, we’ll step back a bit in her confidence-building and maybe try something else. The fact that I’ve been so focused on Callie’s situation these last two weeks probably hasn’t helped either Ducky or Shadow.

Well, that’s it for this post. I’m joining the Barks and Bytes Blog Hop, co-hosted by Heart Like A Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs. Check out the other links and add your own.

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14 thoughts on “Cornucopia of Updates

  1. Jodi says:

    I expect the dynamics change especially when the one they perceive as their ‘leader’ has a change. I know you’ll stay on top of this and do the very best for your ‘girls’.

    Thank you for joining the blog hop.

  2. Donna O. says:

    Glad to hear the prednisone helped some. Hoping that Callie will be in remission in no time!

    You know what, I remember that Medi lost her appetite for the first month on prozac and we had to bribe her to eat. I think I read somewhere that this was a normal part of the adjustment period. After that she was fine.

    As for Duckie, I totally understand…it is tough when you have three dogs, each with their own issues to deal with. Sometimes, when another is sick, you just don’t have as much time to devote ti each one as you’d like.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks Donna!!

      I couldn’t even bribe Shadow to eat over those 2 weeks – she has lost about 4 pounds as a result. Now at least if I add a little people food, she’ll eat more of her own food.

      Ducky is just trying to make me feel guilty about the slip lead. She doesn’t like being attached to a leash. But what dog does? She’s just SOL – she has to wear it at daycare so she needs to get over it. πŸ™‚

      • Donna O. says:

        Oh, wow….four pounds IS a lot to lose in two weeks. Sorry the meds didn’t work out for you, but glad the people food bribes are!!

  3. somethingwagging says:

    Sounds like everyone is hanging in but it’s tough. It’s only natural to expect everyone to be at little at odds.

    Hope you can find little bits of normal here and there, even in the middle of Callie’s treatments.

  4. Jan K says:

    It’s tough on the whole household when someone is sick. I hope things get back to normal for all of you soon. It took our cat Sam a while to get her appetite back to normal after being sick and starting her new meds. They thought she might have cancer but I think her system just needed to adjust to the new meds, and she needed to get over the stress of the vet visits. She’s doing great now.
    I love the word “cornucopia”! I’m always looking for different words when I’m doing a post that has a bunch of different stuff in it. Never thought of that one! πŸ™‚

    • My Golden Life says:

      First off, I’m glad Sam is doing so much better! I remember how concerned you were about her.

      As for “cornucopia”, it just came to me in a flash, like a lightbulb over the head of a cartoon-strip character. Or maybe a “divine intervention”. πŸ™‚

  5. Sand Spring Chesapeakes says:

    Glad callie is handling her treatments well, just keep feeding small frequent meals and the pred will help get the weight back on her. Good job on the treadmill work and sometimes it takes a while for the prozac to get build up in the system to see any results.

    • My Golden Life says:

      Thanks, JoAnn! My poor girl is with the vet today…not feeling/looking well at all today. And with her undergoing the chemo, I certainly don’t need to be worried about Shadow as well. Ducky is her usual super-energetic self.

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