So My House Is A Mess

I had a whole other post typed up for this past week’s #Multi Pet Mania blog hop theme.  But after re-reading it a few times over the last few days, I decided to delete it and start from scratch.  So here I am on a Saturday afternoon trying to come up with a brand new post about the cleaning and grooming challenges of my multi-dog household.

Before we adopted Ducky, cleaning the house was fairly easy.  Callie and Shadow don’t like the vacuum, but rather than attack it like they would any other intruder, they just avoid it.  When I’m using it upstairs, they curl up downstairs.  And, when I’m using it downstairs, they come upstairs and hide in the bathroom or behind the antique rocking chair in the living room.

With the hubby at work all day, I could clean this little house in under three hours.  But then we got Ducky.  She attacks the vacuum.  So, off to doggie daycare she goes.  Then hubby retired.  Is there such a thing as hubby daycare?  Actually, to be fair about it, even though I have to ask him to help if I want it, he does do a good job of whatever task I give him. Still, my house is a mess for much longer periods of time between cleanings than it used to be.  As long as the bathroom and kitchen are somewhat clean, I don’t really care about the rest of the house if it looks neat.  I’d rather play with the dogs.  😉

As for actual cleaning products, I switched to distilled white vinegar about 18 months ago.  I had been using Lysol and other “all-purpose” cleaners, but the smell was really starting to bother me.  Plus, when Ducky went on her OCD binges, she would lick Callie and Shadow hair off every floor in the house. I always made sure the floors were already dry before I let the dogs walk on them after I’d mopped.  And I wouldn’t even leave to pick up Ducky until I knew for sure that the floors were dry.  Then I read in someone else’s pet-related blog (and I have no idea which one at this late date) that they had “always” used vinegar to clean everything in their home.  So, I decided to try it.  I had to get past the initial strong smell the first few times, but now I’m hooked.  It’s a heckuva lot cheaper; and the vinegar and hot water mix dries a lot faster than the Lysol.  And, while Ducky may not like the taste, at least it won’t poison her or the rest of us.

The grooming of Callie and Shadow was never a big challenge for me.  I’d brush them out about once or twice a week, and take them to the groomer every three or four months.  Our overnight pet sitter is also a professional pet groomer, so I take the girls to “Auntie Andrea”.  Ducky gets her baths and “spa” treatments at daycare.

In between I use this wonderful dual-sided brush from Furminator* for all three dogs.  Callie and Shadow like it because the metal pins don’t pull at and scratch their skin like the regular Furminator brushes do; and they still do a good job of loosening those pesky pin knots that they get sometimes. Ducky loves it because the pins make the brush-out feel like a massage.  And the soft bristles on the other side don’t scratch her sweet tummy.

* I am not being compensated by Furminator at all.  I just like using this brush for my dogs’ grooming sessions at home.

So, I’m once again joining the #Multi Pet Mania blog hop.  The Linky list below will take you to our hosts’ blogs and others to give you great tips and provide some good laughs.  Enjoy!

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15 thoughts on “So My House Is A Mess

  1. Jan K says:

    It sounds like you have things well under control there! I have also used vinegar to clean sometimes. It’s a great alternative to harsh cleaners, since Luke licks everything.too.
    I also have to ask the hubby to help if I want it, but if he does help, he is way more thorough than I am (he actually moves the furniture when vacuuming…LOL…I just work around it). Sometimes I just wish I didn’t have to always ask. But in his defense, he did clean the whole house before I got home from BlogPaws!
    I actually use a slicker brush on Sheba. It was recommended to me by a groomer and seems to work well. It’s also “self cleaning” so that’s a bonus!

    • My Golden Life says:

      Callie & Shadow don’t like the slicker brush either. They usually hide in that same spot behind the rocker when they see it in my hand. Wow, your hubby cleaned the whole house without being asked?! Can I borrow him? Lol. I’m usually the thorough one, but yesterday I didn’t care as long as the house looked and smelled clean.

  2. Ann "Paws" Staub says:

    I should try that vinegar thing some time. My house get dirty just as fast as I can clean it. But usually, my pets aren’t the ones to blame! I just don’t even try that hard anymore lol… =/

    • My Golden Life says:

      Ann, the vinegar works great! We have one of those glass-top stoves (UGH, I hate it) and the vinegar works great on it! I use it at least twice a day — to clean up the dog food that doesn’t quite make it into the bowls from the cans — and it’s quick. I have two spray bottles that I fill as needed. I keep one in the bathroom behind the sink, and the other in the cabinet under the kitchen sink. Makes for a quick clean-up without a whole lot of effort. And it’s not toxic. For busy moms like you it can be a great thing to have handy. The best part is that it’s so cheap — about $1.39 for a gallon jug at Publix here, maybe less.

  3. Emmadog says:

    Our house is always full of something. Either fur from Katie, dirty paw prints on the floor, tracked in grass or snow. The house is always messy, but we have just learned to live with it.

  4. Beth says:

    I’m totally with you on being ok with the rest of the house being a mess as long as the kitchen is clean! I do the living room more thoroughly if I know someone’s coming over, but the bedroom and spare room are almost always a disaster! Vinegar is one of my favorite cleaners, too.

  5. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Our house is always a mess! There is hair everywhere, paw prints and dust. I used to try to keep it clean but I have given up! I don’t worry about it much and it gets cleaned when I have the time. I decided I have better things to worry about than keeping my house cleaned 🙂

  6. Cascadian Nomads Bethany Clochard says:

    I learned about the power of white vinegar at my second job as a nanny in college. I helped the family with the cleaning and that was all they used for everything. Needless to say, I became a much more wealthy college student without spending so much on all those expensive cleaning products. It wasn’t until a few years later that I learned I was also doing what was way, way healthier for my pets. I like that brush… my old pin brush just isn’t strong enough to get through Huxley’s massive main. I am going to look it up, thanks. And thank you for joining in the multiple pet mania hop again. I am so glad you are sharing your multiple pet life with us this month. If you want to collaborate on opening a chain of hubby daycare facilities, I am all in. I can never get anything done when Jason is around!

  7. Tails Around the Ranch says:

    Days late and dollars short-sigh. Sorry I couldn’t reply sooner. It’s been a rough and busy week. I totally love vinegar-best and cheapest clean around. Thank goodness for the giant economy size from Costco. Oh and it makes a terrific herbicide too. Have a great weekend.

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