Captions and Other Things

When I wrote/published my “Caption THIS!  (HeHe)” post on Monday, I got some really cute/funny responses.  For example, I got this one from Linda at 2 Brown Dawgs

“At least she can keep tabs on the ball.  ;)”

And this from Monika and Sam from Tales Around the Ranch:
“Ball/butt spooning…a new Olympic sport. ;)”

And this one from Taryn at Chesapeake Cardigan Club: (Sorry, Taryn, I couldn’t link to this site.)

“Here we see Ducky taking the Neuticles concept to the extreme!”  To which I said “Lol, but Ducky is a FEMALE.” 

And, of course, we were all looking forward to Jodi Stone’s (Heart Like A Dog) comment.  She actually left a caption, and a response…

“Hey Delilah, go big or go home, that’s how I roll.” 

and, “LOL Oh Ducky, you must have eaten a LOT of gum! 

And now for my own “Jodi-inspired” captions:

“OUCH!  That fart HURT!”

“Oh man, I’m glad I finally got rid of THAT gas bubble!!” 

Hopefully my own captions will help Jodi get her Mojo back!!  Meanwhile, I have a few short “housekeeping” items to mention.  (Thanks, Jan, for that idea!) … 

Ducky is doing great on her IBD/IBS meds!  She does have “episodes” now and then, but that’s just part of life when you have a dog with IBD.  You can control some of their diet — i.e. which dog food and treats you give them — but if they are scavengers like Ducky, there is just NO WAY to control everything they eat.  I tried to, for a few days, but Ducky is just too quick, and too low to the ground, for me to be able to keep her from eating all the yard trash that she consumes in a day.  So, I just let her have her fun playing with her older sisters in between snacks made up of twigs and acorns.

This past Wednesday I took Callie and Shadow to the vet for “peace-of-mind” (mine) visits.  Callie had been shaking her head a little bit, and on Monday I cleaned some dirt out of the outer ear.  Plus, we’ve had to almost yell at her at times to get a response.  Dr. Steve cleaned out her left ear (the dirty one), did a swab of both to check for problems, and informed me that it’s just her allergies giving her grief.  So we brought home ear drops to use this week and a suggestion to give her one 25-mg Benadryl tablet per day. As for the delayed responses to our calls?  Well, chalk it up to her stubbornness for the most part.  If she’s happy in whatever position she happens to be in when we call to her, she’ll stay there until we go get her.  There’s no sign of hearing loss at all.  That was a relief!   Shadow has been rubbing her side — where she has a pimple/wart-like thing just forward of her left rear leg — along the chain link fence lately.  I was looking for it — to ask the vet about — when I felt a small lump.  The pimple thingie is just a sebaceous adenoma, nothing to worry about.  And a needle aspiration of the lump revealed a fatty tumor.  Again, nothing to worry about.  And while we were there anyway, I just had the vet tech trim both girls’ nails for me.

That’s it for me this week.  I hope y’all have a great weekend!!  And, Jodi, I hope my you-inspired captions help you find your lost Mojo!!

8 thoughts on “Captions and Other Things

  1. Jodi says:

    I still can’t find that dang Mojo but your captions did make me laugh! Thanks for that Sue, having just read that RetroRover lost her Tubby, I needed the chuckle.

  2. 2 Brown Dawgs says:

    At one point we thought Thunder was losing his hearing in his old age, but nope just selective hearing….lol. I am glad to hear Ducky is doing well and hopefully as she gets older there will be less yard scavenging.

  3. Jan K says:

    I’m so glad you liked and used my housekeeping idea! Oh, goodness, I hope Luke never gets IBD…he eats everything outside. Since the snow finally left, he is constantly digging up clumps of grass and dirt and eating them!
    Yup, we’ve made plenty of “peace of mind” vet visits…especially with our older beagle Kobi when he got on in years (he had that selective hearing issue as well). He had more lumps and bumps…and now Sheba seems to have taken over that. Nothing new lately though…knock wood!!

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