Looking Back at Callie’s Early Life, Part 2

Well, last week you got to see just how adorable my sweet Callie was as a puppy.  I realize I’m prejudiced; but I think she’s still adorable – and sweet! 

So, now I’ll take you back again but not quite so far this time.  The following photos are from a little later in her puppyhood….

She was 10 weeks old here….

Callie @ 10 Weeks

And about 15-16 weeks old in this one where she’s cuddling with her Daddy…

Callie @ 19 Weeks

Much as I treasure these photos, there are some that show Callie’s maternal instincts that I think I treasure more than all the others.  We brought Shadow home from her breeder exactly six months after we got Callie.  Look at the photo below and I promise you will lose your heart to my big girl…

Protective Big Sister

and her little sister, Shadow.  I took this and other similar photos on the day we brought Shadow home; but I’ll save those for Shadow’s birthday post in October.

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6 thoughts on “Looking Back at Callie’s Early Life, Part 2

    • My Golden Life says:

      Oh yeahhhhh, she REALLY did, Pamela! In many ways, I think Callie did a better job of raising both Shadow AND Ducky than I did! Of course, whenever I’ve had a hard time figuring out how to handle Ducky, I’ve let Callie show me.

  1. Jan K says:

    That’s almost more cuteness than I can stand! 🙂 It just confirms my thought that there will be another golden retriever in my future…they are just the cutest puppies/young dogs (along with my other favorite, beagles).

    • My Golden Life says:

      There will definitely be another Golden Retriever in my future when my girls succumb to old age! After all, Ducky will need a Golden sister or brother to keep her company when we’re not at home. 🙂

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