Ducky Cracks Us Up!

In the spirit of Jodi’s “You Make Me Smile/Laugh” Sunday posts, I had to share something Ducky does that makes hubby and I laugh every time.

One of Ducky’s favorite toys is the blue Jolly Ball that I bought several years ago for Callie and Shadow, before Ducky became part of the family.  What makes us laugh is how she waits for the ball to stop rolling on the kitchen floor before she goes after it…  Then, once it stops and she picks it up, she carries it back into the living room.   She will bark at us, but if we go to take it, she backs away and then lays down on one of the dog beds.  She’ll leave the ball next to her and start chewing on a Nylabone…

And less than a minute later, she crashes for a few minutes…   before starting the whole process all over again.


4 thoughts on “Ducky Cracks Us Up!

    • My Golden Life says:

      She sure has! What’s even funnier is when the ball lands between the water bowl and the side of the dishwasher! I’ll have to get a pic of her reaction next time for another post.

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