National Pet Day?

According to some posts I’ve seen on Facebook, today is “National Pet Day”. Well, around our house, EVERY DAY is “Pet Day”.  I’m sure the same holds true for all of us who love our pets.  So why just one day a year nationally?

Personally, I have always made a point of spending at least 15 minutes several times a day with my dogs.  Even when I was still working, I tried to give Kissy, and after she passed on, Callie and Shadow, some quality time both before and after work as well as on the weekends.  

It never matters to the dogs HOW we spend our time together, as long as we spend it together.  Callie is just as happy with getting a body massage as she is with chasing a ball around the backyard.  Shadow is happy just to have her head petted, her ears rubbed, and her nose kissed.  And Ducky?  She LOVES to play!  In the house, out in the yard, wherever I choose is fine with her. But she also loves to sunbathe.  (I have it on good authority that she and boyfriend, Casper, spend their lunch time at daycare sunbathing together on nice days.  ðŸ˜)

So, while some pets may need a “National Pet Day” to get their humans to spend more quality time with them, my dogs don’t have that problem.  We may not have the exciting hiking trips, or days at the beach, that some do, but we have a good time playing together, resting together, and just being together.  And for my dogs, that is “special” enough.   


Happy Weekend Everyone!!!


8 thoughts on “National Pet Day?

  1. Jan K says:

    I guess these days are needed for those who aren’t as attentive to their pets as we are! It’s Pet Day around here every day too. We agree the simple things can make our dogs just as happy as more exciting outings can be. Just some play time in the yard and then snuggling on the couch napping with Dad is the perfect Saturday for our crew (and that’s exactly how our National Pet Day is going!)….along with a few treats here and there. 🙂

    • My Golden Life says:

      Hi Jan! The girls and I just came inside from two hours of playing and sunbathing. Ducky is sound asleep on one of the dog beds and her sisters are asleep on different areas of the carpet. 🙂

      • Jan K says:

        Oh, that sounds so nice! Our play session was shorter since we had the cats at the vet for annuals this morning, and because it’s cloudy, windy,and cold out! I hope to have a much longer play session tomorrow, if the nicer weather we keep getting promised really does show up!

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