We’d Rather Be Outside

What a beautiful day we’re having here in the South Carolina Upstate!!  

The birds are singing their sweet songs, the squirrels are playing tag in the trees, there are light breezes blowing and wisps of puffy white clouds moving across the sky.  And the sun is shining so brightly that I had to move into the shade to see the screen on my iPhone as I type this post.

With all this natural beauty around us, why would anyone want to stay indoors, glued to the television set?!!  To watch basketball games ALL day?  No, thank you!!  My girls thrive on fresh air, and so do I!  We’d rather be outside!  And so, with morning chores completed, I grabbed a bowl for the dogs to drink water out of, put on my yard shoes, and out we came.  We may stay out here all afternoon. 




Ducky is being really good out here, so far.  The neighbors’ chihuahuas were barking their heads off, running along the fence line.  After one sprint in each direction, Ducky decided she had had enough and went back to playing with her Kong toy.  And, of course, as soon as I said that, Ducky started her own little bark fest.  Oh well, now she sees the cat so it’s time to distract her with the Kong toy.

Have a great day everyone!  If you have sunshine, get outside and enjoy it!


11 thoughts on “We’d Rather Be Outside

  1. Jan K says:

    We did have a little bit of sun and warmth today! Not quite enough to spend all day out there, but we got out for a while and it felt good. The snow in the yard even got soft instead of the icy crust it has been this week (though that will be back tomorrow).
    I’m so glad you and the girls were able to get out there and enjoy your beautiful day! they sure look happy!

  2. somethingwagging says:

    Thanks so much for some vicarious sunshine. I just came back from sweeping the morning’s snow off the sidewalk. Does that count for outdoor time?

    Of course Honey’s still loving rolling in the snow so I guess she doesn’t mind if spring is late.

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