Lazy Saturday

It’s Saturday again; but when you’re retired, every day is a Saturday (at least that’s what my most recent former supervisor told me). However, during these first two weeks of the new year almost every day has felt more like a Monday. Oh well, it’ll get better.

I was going to do a “Follow Up Friday” post yesterday but didn’t have time. So I’ll just update y’all today.

Callie first. Tuesday was her appointment with the surgeon for her 12-week X-rays. It also turned out to be her final appointment with the surgeon. Her knee has healed perfectly. No scar tissue (inside or out); everything that was supposed to heal around the plate did so; and her range of motion is perfect. She is still on some restriction, but we can start giving her some off-leash freedom in the yard to find the perfect spot to relieve herself. As long as she doesn’t get too rambunctious. (Which means while Ducky’s at daycare or inside the house with “Daddy”.) it’s a great start. Actually, despite the post-surgery restrictions, I’ve managed to maintain her weight at a healthy 75-77 pounds. Soon we’ll be able to go for walks at the park again.

Then there’s Ducky. She started off this new year with her digestive issues returning with a vengeance, In case you missed my post about Ducky’s New Year’s weekend, you can read about it here. Over this past week, she has regained her strength and her endearing silliness. And her “bratitude” toward Shadow. So we know she’s feeling much better. Between the week’s worth of antibiotics and probiotics getting rid of bad bacteria and growing the good stuff, adding acid reducers to her regimen, and the bland diet of cooked, really-low-fat-content hamburger and rice, along with the Metoclopromide she’s been on for a while, it seems her issues have been resolved. BUT, I’m not going to say they definitely are until at least six months go by without any repeats. I have taken her off the Metoclopromide — with the vet’s approval — because I don’t think she needs it any more. Between the Tums in the morning (for the calcium missing from her diet, as well as the antacid properties), and the Omeprazole at bedtime, she hasn’t been eating Golden hair tufts or yard trash at all. Seems she’s had some acid reflux all these months. Don’t know what caused it, but it’s under control now. I think. Keep your fingers crossed!


Lest we forget my sweet Shadow, I have nothing to report. She has been doing great since being on the probiotics back in September. She has a bout with stress now and then, but for the most part that has cleared up too. Especially since hubby retired and has been “chilling out”. We’re all enjoying the freedom of sleeping in almost any time we want. Of course, for me, “sleeping in” means waking up at eight o’clock instead of six-thirty.


So that’s it for me today. Hope you enjoy my little video of Callie enjoying her off-leash freedom yesterday, and the pictures of Ducky and Shadow.


3 thoughts on “Lazy Saturday

  1. Jan K says:

    I’m so happy to hear all the great news! Callie seemed to be enjoying her freedom just sniffing around the yard.
    Oh, sleeping in, doesn’t that sound nice! πŸ™‚ I can’t tell you how many retired people I know who say they have less free time now than when they were working! I’m not sure about how the math works on that, but I’ll take everyone’s word for it (and look forward to finding out myself one day). πŸ™‚ And yes, I am jealous!

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