Blog Title Change

Just in case you thought you noticed something a little different: Yes, I did change the title of my blog by one little word. It’s now “My Golden Life” instead of “The Golden Life”.

I want to make other changes but I haven’t decided on any of them yet. And don’t have the time right now.


11 thoughts on “Blog Title Change

    • The Golden Life says:

      Now I’m REALLY getting overwhelmed! I have to find a “multivitamin” for Ducky – preferably with extra calcium – to supplement her new diet. I’m working on (or more accurately will be working on) a new post about it for tomorrow’s Barks & Bytes hop.

  1. Jan K says:

    I’m not always very observant, so I’m glad you let us know! πŸ™‚ I came back to re-read and comment on the post about Ducky’s digestive issues, but it’s MIA? I hope everything’s OK.

        • The Golden Life says:

          Me, too! Thanks again!

          Actually, I think that the paragraphs I added in WordPress — and saved as the complete post — never made it to the mobile app on my iPad; BUT when I updated the draft in the app, it changed what I had posted earlier. Kinda makes me mad that the mobile app doesn’t update automatically from the online version. I wonder if that’s a glitch on my end or on WP’s end?

      • Jan K says:

        It sounds to me like the two things didn’t sync with each other, but I’m not sure why that wouldn’t happen. I’ve never used anything but my computer to write a post, though I’ve published a draft from my phone before but that’s about it.

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