Fade Out, Fade In

I hope the creators of my favorite TV show of all time — M*A*S*H — don’t mind me using the title of the opening episode of Season 6 as the title of my blog post this New Year’s Day! It’s just so fitting of my attitude toward last year.

I could have just said “fare thee well” to 2014 had it not been for all three of my furry “kids” having had digestive issues at the same time for at least six of the middle months of the year. And, while Callie’s and Shadow’s issues seem to have been resolved with the addition of probiotic supplements to their meals, poor Ducky has recently seen her issue raise its ugly head again. I’ll save “details” for a separate post.

Then, too, there was Callie’s second ACL surgery in October. Thankfully, she is now starting her 12th week of recovery/”rehab” and is doing SO MUCH better than she was even last month. I’ll be taking her back to the surgeon on the 13th for her 12-week X-rays so we will know then if the knee is healing internally as well as it appears to be.

Now, like for Jodi at Heart Like A Dog and Lisa at Dogs N Pawz, the stat monkeys at WordPress have been hard at work putting together my stats summary for 2014. Do they not know that I don’t pay much attention to my blog stats? Oh well. At least it was kinda neat the way they put it all together. For instance….

Did you know that a San Francisco cable car holds 60 people? (I assume they mean your average-size adult.) I didn’t either. But according to the stat monkeys, my blog was viewed about 2,000 times in 2014, which means if it were a cable car instead of a blog, it would take about 33 trips to carry that many people. Kinda cool considering I love San Francisco and its cable cars.

POSTING PATTERNS: There were 46 new posts in 2014, bringing my total to 173 as of whatever date they used. They also tell me that my longest streak was two days (August 9th and 10th); and that my best days were Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

VIEWS & COMMENTS: My most-viewed post in 2014 was “Getting Revenge on the Duchess” that I posted in the Dumb Ass Dog Owners blog hop. Many of you seemed to like the way my Mom got even with a former neighbor and felt sorry for their dog at the same time. My most-commented-on post was “WTF Ducky, Part 2”.

I thought it was interesting that my viewers were from 40 countries in all with the USA first and Canada and South Africa not far behind. And I would be remiss if I didn’t send out special thanks to my five most active commenters:

Jodi of Heart Like A Dog

Jan K of Wag-n-Woof Pets

Linda of 2 Brown Dawgs

Lisa of Dogs N Pawz

Kate &/or Steve of SlimDoggy

The part I’m not sure about are the referrals. I mean, after all, referrals to my way of thinking are more for business or job interviews. Anyway, the top sites people found me through were: (1) Facebook, (2) heartlikeadog.com, (3) something wagging.com, (4) slimdoggy.com, and (5) linkytools.com.

Here’s the statement that really cracks me up: “Some of your most popular posts were written before 2014. Your writing has staying power!” Jodi said the monkeys weren’t eating enough bananas. I think it’s more likely that they were smoking too many of those bananas!

So, with all that said, I close my New Year’s Day post by saying thank you to the co-hosts of the Barks and Bytes Blog Hop – Jodi of Heart Like A Dog and Linda of 2 Brown Dawgs – and Happy New Year to ALL of you.

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7 thoughts on “Fade Out, Fade In

  1. 2 Brown Dawgs says:

    Congrats on a great year and Happy New Year to you. πŸ™‚ I am so surprised I made top 5 lists because as you know I am always so far behind. I do try to catch up and enjoy your blog. πŸ™‚ Thanks so much for joining the hop!

  2. Donna O. says:

    I don’t pay enough attention to those stats either, but it was fun to look through the review they sent me. I’m glad to hear that Callie is on the mend. Those ACL tears are no fun!! Have a wonderful 2015!!

  3. stella rose says:

    I stopped by from our friends the Collies blog. We just love to see pictures of your three dogs, we are pugs but sometimes mom pretends we are golden retriever’s…..sigh…..stella rose

    • The Golden Life says:

      Thanks for coming by! My goodness, your mom has quite an imagination! But you love her just the same, and that’s the important thing. And I’m sure she loves you without any restrictions. I will visit you and your mom later, when I’m a little more awake (I’m a night owl).

  4. Jan K says:

    I don’t worry too much about stats either, but they are definitely interesting. Hey, I’m happy to be your #2 commenter!
    I hope your household can just get back to being and staying healthy in 2015!

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