This Is NOT Slo-Mo Video

Saturday morning when I took Callie, Shadow, and Ducky outside after breakfast, I noticed Ducky standing completely still near the bird feeder.

As turbo-charged as this little dog is, I knew she had to have spotted something. So I got out my phone and opened the YouTube Capture app, then I stood still for a moment to get a video of Ducky stalking whatever it was that she had seen. As you can see, she barely moved. I moved a little to see whatever it was that had caught her attention.

That’s when I saw one squirrel jump off the tree (on the other side of the gate). Ducky watched the remaining squirrel twitch its tail a few times; but then did something I’ve never seen her do before. She turned her head and walked away as though she was suddenly bored. She walked to the porch door, pushed it open with her nose; and then went into the porch to explore the spider webs on the underside of the table and chairs.

And then last night, while hubby and I were watching TV and the dogs were doing their things, Ducky decided to pester Callie with her odd attempts at “humping”. Ordinarily, Callie is as patient as a saint with Ducky but she must have decided that she had finally had enough. Or maybe Ducky startled her out of a dream. I don’t know what it was, but Callie just picked up her head and growled and snapped at Ducky. Hubby and I nearly fell out of our chairs from the shock! Even Shadow was shocked, and she’s been around Callie all of her own life. Ducky? She nearly was so surprised, she stumbled off Callie and came running to me! I couldn’t help but laugh. Hubby just said “Ducky, Callie has had enough.” Five minutes later the little demon dog was back at it, only then I was ready for her. I’d gotten down on the floor next to Callie and was petting her so all I had to do was gently push Ducky away and tell her “No. Leave Callie alone.” The rest of the night was quiet. Ducky gave up, got on the couch and took a nap.


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5 thoughts on “This Is NOT Slo-Mo Video

  1. Jodi says:

    Delilah would never walk away from that. She would stay super still until she decides to attack, then she is all bull in the china shop mode. 🙂 Good restraint Ducky.

  2. Nature by Dawn says:

    Regarding Callie’s protest, I wish Maya would do that to Pierson sometimes. Pierson doesn’t try to hump her, but he does pester her sometimes and poor Maya just takes it. If Maya protested, I bet the message would be more clear than me telling him no.

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