One of Those DUH Moments

Talk about “DUUUHHHH” moments…my god, did I ever have one this morning! Let me give you a good belly laugh…

It has been quite a while since I last used the treadmill I bought nearly five years ago. Not something I’m proud to admit, but be that as it may. Anyway, I decided this morning — on the way home from dropping Ducky off at daycare — that it was way past time to get my big girls some real exercise. Callie’s arthritis has really been bothering her lately, even with the addition of the twice-daily doses of Tramadol to her protocol. So, I don’t want to put added stress on her hips and knees by making her get into and out of the car for walks at the park. At least not before I see some improvement in her overall comfort level.

Okay, so here’s the funny part: I get home, put Ducky’s crate down, move some stuff out of the way, and pull the treadmill out from against the wall. (It’s a folding one.). I plug it in, turn it on, and nothing happens. I can hear the motor running, but the digital display is blank. I turned the power off, unplugged it, moved the plug to a different socket, and turned it back on. Still nothing. WTF?! I went through this “routine” another three times with the same result. Okay, STOP! This is getting us nowhere. Time to call the manufacturer since I can’t find the distributor’s business card. Got a guy in the service department and told him what was happening. Are you ready for this? Are you sitting down so you don’t fall down?

“Do you have the safety key in place?” Service Guy asks. Lightbulb goes on over my head. Locate safety key. Place safety key in position. Voilá! Display lights up. I feel like a complete idiot, and say to Service Guy “Duuuhhh”. Service Guy laughs but then says “don’t feel bad…at least ninety-five percent of our customers have the same problem. Now let’s make sure everything is working before we end the call. Of course it’s working! It’s my brain that’s dysfunctional, not the treadmill. And I’m still laughing at myself.

So, after getting the names and phone numbers of a few service techs in the area just in case, Service Guy and I pleasantly end the call. I got Callie’s short leash and clipped it onto her collar, lead her to and on the treadmill, and turn it on. She did great! You’d never know it’s been so long since her last time on the thing. But I still kept her on it for only five minutes. I’ll get her — and Shadow — used to the thing gradually for the first week. After she was done, I put Shadow on the treadmill. Considering the fact that she really doesn’t like the thing, she did great. Like Callie, I only kept her on it for five minutes, but she zoned in to it within a minute’s time. I was really quite proud of her.

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8 thoughts on “One of Those DUH Moments

  1. miley says:

    Oh that sounds just like our mom. She’s always looking for her sunglasses when we are outside and half the time they’re on her head! BOL!! Great blog, just stopping by to say hello!!

  2. Nature by Dawn says:

    We had a treadmill sitting in our basement for a few years without use as well. If I had ever decided to use it, I probably would have forgotten the safety key too. I sold it before we moved, though, so I hope the person who acquired it knows about the safety key.

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