With Tears in My Eyes & A Lump in My Throat

I’m trying to stay focused on the present, but it’s difficult today. You see, my friends helped their sweet Golden Retriever, Emma, begin her journey to the Rainbow Bridge earlier this morning.

Emma was not just my friends’ dog. She was my own sweet Shadow’s littermate. She owns a special place in my heart as well.

There is no question that Emma and my Shadow are natural sisters. While Emma’s nose is black rather than liver-colored with black specks, and she is slightly taller, longer, and heavier than Shadow, they are otherwise “identical twins”. Their fur is almost identical in color and is wavy in the same places. And those eyes? Oh. My. God. They could melt a stone into a puddle of chocolate at fifty paces!

I have a recent picture of Emma that I saved from my friend’s Facebook timeline; but I won’t use it without her permission, and today is not the day to ask for it. So, I will post instead a picture of Shadow and ask that you picture her with a black nose so you can know Emma.


So it is with much sadness and a heavy heart that I bid farewell to sweet Emma. Run free, run fast, dear girl as you make your journey to the Rainbow Bridge. Your family and friends will miss you until the day you are reunited. Though your life on Earth is over, you will always be in our hearts and thoughts.


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