Ducky’s Newest Challenge

Ducky is a turbo-charged food guzzler. And that’s not good for her, or any dog for that matter. (Actually, it’s not good for us humans either!)

So, when Ducky’s digestive issues got worse instead of better, I reverted back to using the Kong Wobbler for “serving” her meals. The Wobbler works great…it slows Ducky’s eating to almost a snail’s pace. Unfortunately, she gets bored with it after a while. She has reached that bored stage this week.

This morning, I decided to give my little Tasmanian Devil a new challenge. Instead of using her Kong Wobbler, I put Ducky’s breakfast in sister Shadow’s slow-feed mini bowl from Kyjen*. I was pleasantly surprised to watch Ducky have to “work” to get her food! While it didn’t slow her down as much as the Wobbler does, it did a much better job than any other so-called slow-feed bowl I’ve tried in the past.

(* Kyjen’s regular slow-feed bowl is huge! It is way too big for my dishwasher, so when Kyjen sent me an email saying they were ready to market the mini-size version, I ordered three of them immediately. I put them to the test with Callie and Shadow the very day they arrived. While my big girls don’t eat quite as fast as Ducky, they do eat faster than I feel is healthy for them. These bowls have really slowed them both down a lot. I’m very pleased! And the minis fit nicely in my dishwasher’s top rack.)

Just so I’d have some documentation for myself, I decided to make a video of Ducky eating her breakfast out of Shadow’s bowl using YouTube’s Capture app. I think it came out pretty well. Don’t you? (By the way, Kyjen is not paying me for the mini review. In fact, they did not even ask me to review it. I did it on my own simply because I like the product and wanted to share it with y’all.)

Meanwhile, I know I’m a day late, but I’m joining the Barks and Bytes Blog Hop, hosted by my friends at Heart Like A Dog and 2 Brown Dawgs. Why not join us if you haven’t already?

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14 thoughts on “Ducky’s Newest Challenge

  1. 2 Brown Dawgs says:

    You are not late in joining the hop. As long as it is open, you are right on time. šŸ™‚ Thanks for joining.

    I can see why you like that feeder. It sure does slow her down. We use a saucer type slow feeder for Thunder and we soak his kibble so that also slows him down. It can be a challenge to get the dogs to eat slower. šŸ™‚

  2. Jan K says:

    That’s a cool bowl! We use slow feeders for all of ours, but they are not as complicated as that one….just a raised part in the center. It seems to work well enough for them, they aren’t really bad gulpers. Luke was when he was younger but he has slowed down quite a bit as he’s growing up. Part of our problem was that Cricket would gulp her food down, and then run to try to get everyone else’s. But heaven forbid anyone try to get hers! So we supervise feeding time and things seem to go OK for now, she’s figured out she’s not going to get anyone else’s no matter how fast she eats hers.

    • The Golden Life says:

      I still have to supervise Callie & Shadow because there are times when Callie gets too close to Shadow’s bowl and a growl fest ensues. As long as I keep Callie away, Shadow’s happy.

  3. Jodi says:

    Dang that bowl is pretty big for being a ‘mini!’ LOL I’m glad to see it slowing her down. Delilah is a gobbler too, but I turned her bow upside down and put her food in there. It does slow her down, but I get this would slow her down even more.

    Thank you for joining the hop and like 2 Brown Dawgs said, as long as the link is open, you’re right on time.

  4. Nature by Dawn says:

    Maya and Pierson need one of those. I put cups upside down in their bowls to slow them down. They can move the cups, but it takes just enough work to slow down their eating a little.

  5. Donna O. says:

    Great to see a slow feed bowl that actually works. We have a different kind for Toby, it is a large bowl with a huge mound in the center, as if another bow was in it and upside down. It doesn’t work at all. He just runs around it in circles hoovering the food up. LOL!

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