Now That’s Much Better!

A new day, and the second day of Summer 2014, has dawned and all of my canine “kids” are feeling better. YAY!

Callie’s colitis has calmed down with the help of the first two doses of Metronaidozole. While I’m thinking about it, I want to give a shout-out and big thank you to the staff at the Animal Emergency Clinic of Greenville for their wonderful compassion and treatment of my sweet Callie yesterday afternoon! Although I have our regular vet’s mobile number and know that I could have phoned him, I just didn’t feel right doing so. I’ve called on Dr. Steve so often lately that I felt he deserved a break, from me at least.


Shadow has finished her Metronaidozole for her latest bout of colitis, and is acting more like her happy, lovable self.


And, last but certainly not least, Ducky.


Ducky makes me laugh constantly. She’s a character, a Tasmanian Devil, and sweet and loving. She is almost non-stop entertainment, except when she isn’t feeling up to par.

I took the picture above out in the yard this morning. Ducky had found a baby mouse somewhere and was bringing it to me. Of course at the moment I told her to drop it, I had no idea what she had in her mouth. I just knew it didn’t need to be there. When she dropped it, she lowered her head close to the ground and let the poor little thing land in the grass gently. Almost as if she was bringing it to me for nursing. The poor little thing was so tiny and young that its eyes hadn’t opened yet and its tail was only about a quarter inch long. And its little heart was still beating. I didn’t know quite what to do for him, so I gave him a gentle push on to the clean side of the pooper scooper. Then I carried him to what I hoped would be a safe spot, away from the neighbors’ cat’s reach, and gently pushed him back off the scooper. I doubt that he’s still alive, but at least he went to mouse Heaven with some dignity.

As for Ducky’s gastric issues, we still don’t know what IS causing them; only what is not. The X-rays the vet took last week showed only that there were no obstructions. This is going to be a trial-by-error process, I’m afraid.


14 thoughts on “Now That’s Much Better!

  1. The Golden Life says:

    My girls and I all thank y’all for the well wishes. Callie feels much better tonight. Thankfully, the Metoclopromide that I give Ducky an hour before her meals has been helping her to keep the food down. I was going to change her over to a sensitive stomach formula food, but have changed my mind…at least for now.

  2. Jodi says:

    Now see Delilah would have eaten the mouse. Anything that resembles food is fair game. 😦

    Thank goodness Ducky is gentle and I’m glad to hear they are all feeling better.

    • The Golden Life says:

      Actually, Ducky surprised the **it out of me with the mouse episode. She and Shadow had started “getting into it” over a dead squirrel one day last year and I literally had to grab Ducky’s collar and pull her away while yelling “leave it!” at both of them. I never did figure out how a dead squirrel ended up between them at the base of the tree.

  3. 2browndawgs says:

    Gosh hope you get Ducky’s issue figured out. Poor little mouse. None of mine would have gently laid it down so it is a good thing Ducky found it rather than a brown dawg.

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