Friday the 13th? Bad luck day? Only if you buy into superstition — or as my Mom used to call it, “stuporsition” — which I don’t. To me, it’s just another day. And today is a good day at our house.

The youngest child of one of my dearest friends is graduating from high school today. I’m very proud of her, and of her mom,

Then there’s Callie. In my post on Wednesday, I told y’all that on Monday morning Callie’s latest stint on the DL was over and she was released from her on-leash restriction. To “celebrate” she followed her younger sisters in a run out the back door to pursue a squirrel. In the process of that pursuit, I assume (since I didn’t see what actually happened), my poor girl badly strained the leg that she’d had the TPLO surgery on 16 months ago. I gave her some Tramadol on Monday, which seemed to help a little bit. I kept giving her the Tramadol at twice-daily intervals; but while it helped somewhat, I wasn’t comfortable with the slow healing process so made an appointment for her with the vet for this morning. The vet said that the good news was that she didn’t seriously damage the leg, nor did she cause any damage to the other rear leg. She strained her foot, so he increased her Tramadol dosage for the weekend and into next week. If it’s still painful, then we’ll worry about “taking pictures”. But she’s walking better today than she has all week, so she will be fine.

Then there’s my little “wild child” as our vet calls Ducky. The nickname fits her well, and he says it with the greatest affection — like when we call her “Demon Dog” — so I just smile. But back to Ducky’s issues….

When I brought Ducky to the vet on Tuesday morning to have him check her over, it was because her vomiting episodes seemed to be increasing and becoming more frequent lately. Up until Sunday, I’d been convinced it was because she eats so darn fast that she would actually burp right after a meal. I went back to using the Kong Wobbler on Sunday evening for “serving” her meals. She’s still having episodes, but at least she’s eating much more slowly.

So, as a result of our conversation on Tuesday morning, the vet and I agreed that a barium test — and X-rays — are warranted for the “wild child”. After paying for that visit, and before bringing Ducky home, I scheduled the test for next Tuesday. Meanwhile, after examining Callie’s legs this morning, the vet mentioned Ducky’s issue. As he had requested on Tuesday, I took a picture of her next “episode” and emailed it to him last night. He said that going by the picture, and the length of time between her last meal and/or treat and the episode, my poor baby is suffering from “delayed gastric emptying”. Now the goal is to find out why and then to decide on the best treatment. A big relief came when Steve said that unless there is an actual obstruction; i.e. a piece of toy or some other “foreign” matter, he does not want to do surgery. He feels that surgery, even by the most skilled of surgeons, in these cases leaves the animal vulnerable to even more, worse problems. He would rather treat with medicine and consider surgery only as a last resort. Phew! I felt better instantly after hearing him say that!

I know Ducky won’t be happy about the X-rays and “upper GI” on Tuesday; but this has to be done. We HAVE TO find out what is going on with her and get down to the work of resolving it before it gets any worse. And in the end, she will be a much healthier, happier dog. And maybe less reactive around people, too.

Well, that’s it for today. I hope you and your pets are all happy and healthy today! Have a tail-wagging weekend!



  1. Donna O. says:

    Well I’m glad to read some good news in all of that, mainly that Callie doesn’t appear to have seriously re-injured herself, and that your vet is leaving surgery for Duckie as a last option. Hope the tests give you some answers next Tuesday!

  2. Jodi says:

    Wow, poor Callie and Ducky!!

    Have you ever considered food allergies in Ducky’s case? I know of some pups that have gastro issues because of food. Just a thought to keep in the back of your mind.

    • The Golden Life says:

      Callie’s leg is better — getting there a little at a time. Ducky’s issues? I don’t know yet. Not worried though — it wouldn’t do any good anyway — the barium test should tell us what’s going on and we can take it from there. Actually, I’m beginning to think it’s the FreshPet because I had to call the vet over the weekend to get a new Rx for Shadow’s Metronaidozole. It doesn’t seem to matter whether I give them the stuff that PetSmart sells or the cheaper version from the grocery store. Thankfully, it hasn’t been bothering Callie. Thinking of switching back to Wellness, but not sure yet.

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