Callie’s Still on the DL

It has been two weeks now since Callie hurt herself running and jumping in the yard. The following Monday, the vet said “keep her on a leash out in the yard for a full three weeks, even if she seems fine, to lessen the chance of her re-injuring herself. It’s just some inflammation, but that hurts too.”

Damnation, it’s hard not letting her run and play with her younger sisters! Poor Callie doesn’t understand why she has to stay on the leash. She looks at me with those big brown eyes as if to plead for her freedom. And it breaks my heart to have to say “no”.


Ducky and Shadow take turns chasing each other, or a squirrel. Callie looks on in resignation. Or, Ducky runs along the fence with our neighbor’s dogs, Gatsby and Alex, for a minute or two.


Callie likes Gatsby — he’s a sweet, happy, calm boy — but not Alex. Alex is a piece of work…snippy and reactive to all but his “Mama”… But I love him anyway. I “babysit” them sometimes. Callie starts growling fests with Alex at the fence, or maybe he starts them with her. Who knows? It probably goes both ways. But as long as they’re separated by the fence, Tammy and I don’t worry about it too much.

Well, it’s time to go back inside. The girls need some water and I’m ready for the rest of my iced coffee. Can’t wait for Callie’s release from the DL (Disabled List for those of you who don’t follow baseball or other sports).



12 thoughts on “Callie’s Still on the DL

  1. Jan K says:

    Oh, it’s so difficult when all they want to do is play and you can’t let them. I can barely stand one day of it when Sheba has an arthritis flare up, I hope we never have to do it for 3 weeks. One more week, right? Hang in there!

  2. Donna O. says:

    Aw…I’m so sorry to hear about Callie’s injury. We’ve had to “bed rest” Toby a few times too, and I know how bad you feel for them. They just don’t understand why they’re being “punished.” I felt that way when I fasted Toby this morning while the other two ate breakfast. I gave him a small spoonful of rice, just to take his heart meds with, but he was like, “That’s it??????”

    Feel better Callie!

  3. Jodi says:

    I feel for you and I feel for Callie, I really do. Sampson will get his treat and still try to go into the bedroom to eat it. And when he wants to go out, he still goes to the back door with all the stairs. And you’re right, it’s a real heart breaker. They just want things to be back to normal and don’t understand and I can’t explain it.

    Poor, poor puppies.

    • The Golden Life says:

      I know you do, Jodi. Thankfully, we only have 3-1/2 days left and Callie’s really good about not trying to pull me out the door. She waits patiently, especially in the morning when I also have Ducky on her leash.

      How is Sampson doing? Is he walking better now? When does he go for his 12-week x-rays?

  4. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Poor Callie. Teddy’s leg has been hurt for some time now and every time it looks like it is getting better, he runs and hurts it again. I don’t think it is ever going to get better. Hope Callie is better soon!

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