Where do I start?! So much has gone on around here that I’m not sure how to end it. Bear with me, please; or just skip over this post…it might be lengthy so I won’t be offended.


Those of you who follow our blog know that we had issues going on for several weeks. After Charter came in and replaced our original modem — and the tech had to plug the new modem directly into the computer instead of the phone router — I was convinced that it was the phone router causing all the trouble.

Switching from the Vonage-type service to Charter’s landline service seemed to help — a lot — until the next day. The days of and right after the switch we had cold rain and dark clouds most of the time. The phone connection seemed a little “jittery”, so I had them send out another technician to see what was going on. That morning, the phone seemed to have corrected itself but the internet/wifi connection was playing games again.

The technician who came out for this visit re-checked all our connections inside and out and found nothing wrong. He connected to our home wifi network with some app that he has on his own iPhone to check the signal strength from the wifi router. As he moved from room to room, the signal went from one extreme to the other and back again several times, depending on the number of electronic devices that were in the room and how close he got to them. He suggested purchasing a new wifi router, and even offered to come back on his own time to install it for us. (He gave me his cellphone number and said he’d be happy to help. Now, that’s what I call customer service!)

The next few days we had intermittent sunshine and dark clouds. During the sunny and less cloudy moments, the signal was fine throughout the house, so I only had to reset the router about twice a day.


We’ve been having some intermittent issues with lights flickering, power surges causing shorts in the refrigerator control panel and possibly my laptop and chrome book, and perfectly good lamps suddenly not working in the living room but working fine downstairs. OH, and our four-month-old Keurig coffee brewer refused to make coffee last Sunday morning. NOT a good way to start the day! Thankfully, a relatively quick call to their customer service department on Monday morning had us up and running again for Tuesday.

So, I finally had an electrician come in and test all our sockets. He ended up replacing three sockets and the plug on the dishwasher. (It’s a portable.) It was another cold, mostly cloudy day. Even still, I only had to reset the wifi router twice. Thursday morning was cloudy too; but, by lunch time, the sun was back out. I’ve only had to reset the router once since Thursday afternoon. And with that one sentence, I have probably jinxed myself. Funny how the weather seems to effect the wifi router, A technician would probably say that it’s pure coincidence. LOL


All three dogs had been doing great — Callie’s fur is growing back over the area where the vet removed the cyst, Ducky’s been having a great time at daycare every day, and Shadow’s biceps tendon is almost completely healed. But early on Thursday morning, Shadow came down with a tummy ache. She woke me twice because of it. So, to the vet we went and she stayed there for most of the day. I felt like a mean mommy when I saw the look on her face; but I knew she was in capable, loving hands. When I got home, I fed Callie and Ducky; and in between potty breaks, all three of us caught up on some lost sleep.

When I went back to the vet to pick up Shadow, she was so happy to see me that she nearly pulled the one vet assistant off her feet trying to get to me. It was obvious that she was feeling better. She was still a little under the weather from her early-morning ordeal and lack of sleep, but just seeing Mommy made her perk up considerably. The medicines that the vet sent home with her are working, so she’s probably at about 85% now. She and I, and Callie and Ducky, have been enjoying the fresh air and sunshine in the back yard while Daddy watches god-only-knows what on the TV. I don’t know how he can stand being inside on a day like this!!


Now that all the craziness is (hopefully) behind us, we started the second half of this Spring with a great date night last night.

Our favorite restaurant, SCHWABEN HOUSE, finally re-opened on Wednesday evening after a forced move to a new location and four months of a ton of hard work and frustration for its owners and staff. We have been loyal, regular customers now for nearly three years. The owners, Annette and Giorgio, their two daughters, and their staff have become dear to us. We love them all. So, when they posted on Facebook — and sent us an email — that they were finally ready to reopen their doors, I made our reservations for last night. From the moment we walked through the door to the moment we left to come back to the house, it felt like we had finally come home again after a long trip! Multiple hugs all around, smiles galore, and our wine and beer glasses raised in several toasts to our hosts. We love those folks; and we look forward to many more date nights shared with


Yes, it’s time to get back to work on my continuing ed courses. Then, I have another course to start working on. I’ll tell you more about that later on.



  1. Jan K says:

    Well, I hope that your lovely night out and seeing your old friends is the beginning of everything turning around for the better! Sometimes it seems like bad times and frustrations seem to come in big clumps (I’d say threes but I think you went beyond 3 things there). Fingers crossed for you!

  2. 2browndawgs says:

    There was a doggy bug going around here a couple of weeks ago. Glad Shadow is feeling better and glad your internet/electrical issues seem to be resolving. šŸ™‚

  3. Donna O. says:

    Wow….you HAVE been busy. You’re making me feel like a sloucher. LOL! So glad that Shadow is feeling better, and so is you internet and electrical systems. Phew! Can’t wait to hear about your courses. When you have time, of course.

  4. Jodi says:

    There is nothing quite so frustrating as having something not work properly. As I shared with you I had a similar problem with a phone line at our old house and it turned out to be weather related. I sure hope everything you’ve done will fix your problem.

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