As my title says, today’s the day that Charter comes to install their land-line phone service. It’s the day that I say goodbye to Teleblend and its by email only customer service and garbage VOIP router. This day has not come fast enough!

Right now, my internet service is down because Charter has already ported our house phone number over from Teleblend. I’m glad I have my iPhone 5S for “emergencies” such as these!

So, before I forget, let me thank all of you on Callie’s behalf for the sweet birthday greetings last week; and on Shadow’s behalf for all the get well wishes for her stretched biceps tendon! All three girls enjoyed the birthday pup pie; and Shadow is healing nicely (as is Callie’s butt where the vet removed the nasty cyst).

Sorry no pictures for today’s Barks and Bytes Blog Hop (not even the badge). Just trying to get this written and posted so I can impose on Miss Jodi to link me up to the hop. That way you’ll all know that we’re all fine here in the South Carolina Upstate. Hopefully I’ll be able to do a follow-up post tomorrow!

Let’s see if I can add a picture of my Golden Girls…



12 thoughts on “TODAY’S THE DAY!!

  1. Jodi says:

    YAY for you Sue! So glad you will finally have service and can get back to normalcy. Glad to hear that Callie had a good birthday but somehow I missed the fact that Shadow had a stretched tendon. :That must have stunk.

    So you loving the new iPhone? I love mine, wouldn’t give it up for love or money. LOL It’s only a 4S but I’m quite content with it and I love how it syncs with my iPad and my Mac. It’s so awesome having everything working in harmony.

    Have a great Thursday and thanks for joining Barks and Bytes!!

  2. The Golden Life says:

    Yup, loving my iPhone so far! Keep your fingers crossed that I can get the Charter internet modem and my ASUS Wifi router working in harmony today! (Otherwise I’ll need another service visit. Ugh!)

  3. Dogs N Pawz says:

    I hate it when I have internet problems! I’m lost without it:( Glad Shadow and Callie are doing okay and I’m sure Callie had a wonderful birthday! Have a great weekend!

    • The Golden Life says:

      Thankfully, the change from the VOiP phones to Charter’s land-line phone service seems to have done the trick.

      Shadow only has one week to go on her 3-week rest, thank goodness! Have to take Callie back to the vet to check a bump on her side. She’s had it for a while and when the vet first checked it, he said it was a benign something or other. But I could swear it looks bigger and I’m a bit concerned.

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