Poor Shadow


My poor baby Golden Girl has stretched the biceps tendon in her front, left leg.

This means three weeks of rest, no running around the yard, no stairs except as necessary to go outside, and 75 mg. of Rimadyl twice a day. Shadow HATES being on the leash in the back yard; but so far she’s been good about it.

I’m feeling a little guilty/”bad” about this, too. You see, Shadow is prone to acting like she hurt herself when she’s feeling insecure, unloved, and in need of attention. I noticed the limping last week (Wednesday or Thursday); but because she stopped limping after I checked her paw pads, I figured she just wanted a little extra attention. And, when I watched her without her knowing, I didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary. Yet, when she knew I was watching, she would suddenly favor the leg again. I can’t remember how many times I checked her paw pads!

On Sunday afternoon, hubby and I were in Charlotte visiting the son and his family; and I had a pet sitter visiting the girls every two hours. As I normally do, I called Susan; and in the course of our conversation I asked her to watch Shadow. That’s when she told me that Shadow had stumbled going back upstairs. She hadn’t seemed to have hurt herself — she kept going without any indication of pain — but in the note she left for me, Susan did say that the limping got worse as the day wore on. When we got home an hour or so later, it was obvious that poor Shadow was hurting. So I gave her the one half Tramadol pill left from Callie’s post-surgery supply. And it seemed to help, at least she was able to sleep more comfortably.

Monday morning I called the vet’s office and got an appointment for Shadow for a few hours later. I love this vet! He said to Shadow “See what happens when you cry wolf? Your Mom doesn’t believe you when you really hurt yourself, and it gets worse. Silly girl.” And then gave me the instructions for helping her to heal. I added taking Ducky back to daycare on a daily basis for the three weeks myself. It will just be a lot easier keeping Shadow quiet/resting if Ducky’s not here to torment her during the day.


5 thoughts on “Poor Shadow

  1. ThatJenK says:

    Don’t feel bad – I’m one for a self-assessment and ‘wait and see’ approach before calling the vet for every little thing. For a limp with no visible wound, I’d wait at least a day to see if wasn’t just a pulled muscle or something. Even then, I’ve been to the vet a couple of times just for the dog to be symptom-free and happy during the appointment! We all know our own dogs best and what’s normal for them.

  2. Jan K says:

    I find one of the toughest things about having pets is knowing when to take them right to the vet and when to wait and see on things. They can’t tell us anything, and that makes it so hard!
    I hope Shadow is feeling better soon!

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