Today is my Callie’s 10th birthday. So I’m going to go “wordy” instead of “wordless”.

Sweet, sweet Callie, it’s hard to believe that your breeder called me ten years ago today to tell me that you and your siblings had been born. It’s even harder to believe that when I first saw you two weeks later, your entire body was smaller than your head is now. You were so, so cute! You had me before you even made that sweet little whimpering sound as I held you in my hands and cooed over you.

You were the first born in your litter; and something in your DNA made you the peacemaker, made you your mother’s little helper. When your siblings tried to sneak out of your whelping box, you helped your mama get them in line.

When you had been with us silly humans for just six months, we brought Shadow home to live with us and keep you company while we were at work. From that first meeting, you and Shadow have been inseparable. You have always protected Shadow, taught her good doggie manners, and groomed her as though you were her mama. And since Ducky joined our little “pack”, you have tried to be the peacemaker whenever she and Shadow have argued over a toy. You are my precious Golden Girl. When my sweet Kissy left this world, I felt her loss deeply; but you came into my life and healed my aching heart with your unconditional love. Happy, Happy Birthday my sweet girl. I love you, always and forever.

(Today is also Shadow’s half-year birthday. She will be 10 in October.)

Shhh, don’t tell them but I bought a birthday cake for Callie this morning — a carob and peanut butter Pup Pie — for after dinner.


10 thoughts on “HAPPY BIRTHDAY CALLIE!!!

  1. Jan K says:

    I know I am late, but I hope Callie had a wonderful birthday (I’m sure she enjoyed the Pup Pie!). How precious is it when they get to be 10 years old, and they have those beautiful white faces? There is nothing like a senior dog who has been with you for their whole life.
    Happy Birthday, Callie, and here’s to many more! 🙂

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