Ducky’s Hiding Place


Ducky hides under the end table next to the couch when she doesn’t feel good.

My poor little girl was sick in her crate last night. I won’t go into detail … TMI … but I spent an hour cleaning up while Sam took her and the Golden Girls outside.

I finally got my first cup of coffee at 10 AM. Man, did it taste good!!

Anyway, while Sam and the girls were outside, I called the vet on his cellphone. (He’d given me the number the last time Callie was sick, and said to use it if any of the pups got sick during off-hours.)

I had just taken Ducky to see him 11 days ago because of her occasional inability to keep her food down when she eats too fast. At the time she hadn’t had an “episode” in over two weeks, but I wanted to have him check her out anyway. He did a fecal, but found nothing wrong other than she was a bit constipated. He said to add a quarter cup of canned food and a teaspoon of vegetable or coconut oil (“just not corn oil”) to her meals to ease the constipation. So, after I dropped her off at daycare, I came home and checked for some 5-star canned foods to choose from. I decided on the Newman’s Organic Chicken formula and picked up a jar of organic coconut oil.

And she had been doing great ever since. Until last night. So, the poor dog is on Metoclopramide for her upset tummy and Metronidazole to get rid of whatever “bug” she picked up. No water until 6 pm and no food until tomorrow morning. Give her little tummy a chance to calm down.

She’s feeling a little better — greeted her Daddy at the front door when he came home from the drugstore with her meds — but nowhere near 100%, or even 50 percent. But now that Daddy is home and she’s on the recliner with him, she’s happier at least.


10 thoughts on “Ducky’s Hiding Place

    • The Golden Life says:

      Do you give Maya any “special”, “for sensitive stomachs” food? Or just their normal diet? I don’t trust Science Diet or Purina any more since all those dogs (and cats) died after eating the tainted food sourced from China a “few” years ago.

  1. somethingwagging says:

    Hope Ducky is doing better by now. For both your sakes.

    If you believe fast eating contributes to her problems, have you tried feeding her in a food toy? It’s how we feed Honey and it does slow her down a little bit.

    I stuff Honey’s FreshPet into a huge Kong and it keeps her from bolting her food.

    • The Golden Life says:

      Actually, I use one of those slow-feed bowls with the “fingers” that separate the bowl into sections. When I took her to the vet, I found out she was constipated. He suggested adding a 1/4 cup of canned food to the Fresh Pet and about a tsp of vegetable oil (but not corn oil). I use olive oil. It was helping, until she got sick. (I checked the Dogfood advisor website for some 5-star options and decided – at least temporarily – on Newman’s Organic Chicken formula. All 3 of the girls are on the same “diet” right now.

      Yes, she’s better now. The Metoclopramide and the metronadizole have really helped. I kept her home from daycare today though. She’s been napping more than playing today. Bless her sweet little heart. And she’s fast asleep on the dog bed right now. Thanks for asking!

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