My, How My Golden Girls Have Grown!

Since so many of my posts are about Ducky — mostly because she’s the most active of all of us in this house — I decided to devote this short post to my Golden Girls, Callie and Shadow.


We brought Shadow home from her breeder when she was only 7 weeks old. She was a cutie, wasn’t she? Believe it or not, Callie was only 8 months old in this picture. She grew up FAST.

Callie & Shadow 12_2004

You can barely see Shadow’s head resting on Callie’s rump!  And, every time I put Shadow on the couch with me, Callie jumped up there with us and laid down in front of Shadow to keep her from falling off the couch.  As Shadow grew, and spent time in the back yard with Callie during the day, they played and dug holes together (and chewed apart our adolescent dogwood tree).


Now, fast-forward nine years and Callie is still as protective of Shadow now as she was on that first day Shadow was with us. Here are my Golden Girls all grown up.  And Callie is still playing the part of Shadow’s doggie mama, cleaning her face and ears.


There you have it.  My two older fur-babies are now “senior” dogs, but they will always be my babies, no matter how old they get to be.  I told you this was going to be a short post.


13 thoughts on “My, How My Golden Girls Have Grown!

  1. Nature by Dawn says:

    So sweet! It’s natural to talk about the most “active” “child”. The one that makes the most trouble or does the most abnormal stuff makes for the most interesting conversations. After all, how interesting would it be to talk about how well behaved Callie and Shadow are all the time. Gets old. Not really, but you get my point, right? For example, “Monday – Maya was a good girl. She was quiet and didn’t get into anything. Tuesday – Maya was a good girl… Wednesday – same” 😀

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