For over a year now, it seems I have written more posts about Ducky than I have about my sweet Golden Girls, Callie and Shadow. Callie and Shadow were my original reasons for starting this blog, long before I knew ANYTHING about blogging. Before I even decided to enroll in the dog training course that eventually brought Ducky into our lives.

I’ve been feeling guilty lately about not dedicating more posts to my senior fur-babies. They’re my sweethearts, they’re my confidants, my best friends, and my walking buddies. So, these past two weeks, when I’ve taken my girls out in the yard for our daily game of fetch/keep away, I’ve also grabbed my iPod and made some video clips of our fun. I’d love to make better ones, but it’s not easy when you’re the only human in the group. I wonder if I could teach our resident squirrels to use the iPod camera? It would probably be easier to just set up the tripod my Dad gave me several years ago.

Callie and Shadow make me smile. While we’re out in the yard, playing fetch or running the fence with Alex and Gatsby — our neighbor’s two pups — they run around the yard like youngsters. But, once I decide they need a rest, they suddenly walk like little old ladies with nowhere to go and no one to go with, especially Shadow. Yet, if they were to spy the other neighbor’s cat sneaking through the far side of the yard, they would both forget their arthritis and take off after the cat like bats out of hell. 🙂 Of course, that’s why I keep Tramadol on hand — just in case they overdo their young whippersnapper act.

Now, just sit back and enjoy my little home movie clip, no matter how limited my video editing skills.

You know your dog — or dogs — love you unconditionally when no matter how little attention you might give them on any given day, they still greet you like a long-lost friend every time you walk in the door even if you only went out to the mailbox. Of course, if the dog is sound asleep and doesn’t hear you, it can put a damper on your spirits. I’ve gotten used to the idea that my Golden Girls — especially Callie — spend more time sleeping than they used to. I spend more time on the computer, too. And I feel guilty about it at times. But my guilt usually gets me up off my fat, lazy ass long enough to take the girls outside for a few minutes at least. If my guilt doesn’t, having two dogs whining and barking in unison at the back door non-stop does the trick. And they know it, too, the little stinkers. 🙂


12 thoughts on “LOVE IS GOLDEN

    • The Golden Life says:

      Thanks! They are my senior babies, for sure. Before Ducky joined the family, I just called them “the girls”. Thank goodness neither one of them is a “Blanche”! They’re both more a cross between Sophia and Rose. 🙂

  1. Andrea says:

    I know how that is. Lately I’ve spent more time blogging about my fosters, and my trouble maker Leia, than I have about Rocco. The name of my blog is Rocco’s House! You would think I’d make at least every other post about my handsome Rocco who deserves it.

  2. 2browndawgs says:

    Cute video. When you have multiple dogs, it can be hard to find time to write about all of them. I know around here, Freighter (youngest) is usually the one with the antics, although Storm gives him a run for the money…lol.

  3. Donna and the Dogs says:

    It is funny how the “troublemakers” often find themselves the subjects of our blogs. You will read much more about my Toby than my Leah. It certainly doesn’t mean we don’t love the others any less though. 🙂

    Loved the video – thanks for sharing! 🙂

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