And On the First Day…

My Crazy Dog Guy husband took the week of Thanksgiving as vacation, so things have been a little nuts around here.  I got absolutely NOTHING done because he was constantly in my way in one way or another.  And when he wasn’t in the way, he was complaining about me spending too much time on the computer.  So now that he’s back to work until Christmas Eve afternoon, maybe I can start getting back into my routine of sorts and back to abnormal.

Since things were all messed up last week, routine wise, I kept Ducky home from daycare on Tuesday and Friday, in addition to Wednesday and Thursday when A Dog’s Day Out was closed for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Considering what I was expecting, Ducky did very well.  She played nicely with her big sisters both inside the house and out in the yard all four days.  Still, by Friday night she was getting a little antsy and ready to play with her doggie daycare friends again.  We didn’t really change up the routine that much, except for going to bed a little later and me getting up at 8 am instead of 6:30 am.  But, playing with Callie and Shadow outside – and running along the fence with our neighbors’ two male dogs – gave her a good workout.  She doesn’t walk around the yard.  She doesn’t even run at a normal pace.  She ZOOMS around the yard.  Back to front, front to back, side to side, and sometimes in a diagonal line.  She makes me laugh until my sides hurt.  Oh, and she still tries to climb the tree after the squirrels.  Well, after a full four days of that insanity, we were ALL ready for Ducky to go back to daycare on Saturday for at least a few hours.  So, on the morning of the first day back, this is what went on in the living room (the video is not quite 5 minutes long, so I don’t expect you to want to watch the whole thing but feel free to do so!)…

Well, after this craziness ended, all three dogs went to their favorite places and took naps while we watched a little news on TV (ugh) before leaving to bring Ducky to daycare and then go out for a late breakfast and a little Christmas shopping.  When we got home a few hours later, this is what we found….


Callie and Shadow were exhausted after the morning’s play time with Ducky and the four days previous.  So, we just let them relax, chill-out, and sleep when they wanted to while we chilled-out by watching more TV (just don’t ask me what because I can’t remember any more).  At about 3:45, I left the house to go pick Ducky up at daycare.  When I arrived, she was so tired that she just walked – instead of running as usual – to the door.  After saying goodbye to Shannon and Brittany, we came home.  A few minutes after Ducky gave her Daddy a faceful of kisses, this is the way we found her…


and she stayed there most of the night until we were ready to go to bed.  She didn’t even try to sneak into the kitchen while Callie and Shadow ate their dinners.

Now, I need to add a “PS” here. I AM participating in the Pet Bloggers Gift Exchange, but I haven’t had a chance yet to add the badge to my blog. I’m going to try to do that tomorrow. I have been paired with Agnes Lu, who has a blog dedicated to her cute little turtles named Timon and Pumbaa. You should go check it out at Turtle Shore.


5 thoughts on “And On the First Day…

  1. Agnes Lu says:

    Thank you for a little adversing my turtle blog^^ They are in their hibernation period so that I have nothing about them to share further, I’m afraid!!! Well, I will see what I can do or seek from their past photos!!!

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