Yummy Doggie Cookies

Last week when Jodi over at Heart Like A Dog shared her recipe for the dog cookies, I thought “gee, the girls would love these!” So I decided to make a batch…

I wanted to do things a little differently though, so I borrowed an idea from one or two of the comments — added some honey and cinnamon — and added some water to soften the dough a little bit. Then, I got out my pastry sheet, rolling pin, and cookie cutters. I cut out one Golden Retriever, one Corgi, a few tiny bones, and a bunch of pawprints.
Here’s how they came out…

Dog Cookies 2

Dog Cookies 1

Dog Cookies 3

Can you even see the bones? I have to get larger bone and pawprint cookie cutters! It was a real pain working with the tiny ones! It’s hard to even make out the shapes.

Anyway, since I had some eggs left — and lots of pumpkin — I decided to make another batch, make that double batch, to take to Ducky’s daycare for their Halloween party. This time I just did like Jodi had done — I rolled the dough into little balls and pressed them down with a fork. I got about 90 cookies out of that batch. Kept some for us, gave some to the girls next door for my doggy “nephews”, and took the rest to daycare. All of Ducky’s friends got at least one.

Definitely Tuesdays Just Got Tastier.
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11 thoughts on “Yummy Doggie Cookies

  1. Jodi says:

    Awesome Sue, and did the girls love them? My guys would inhale them if I’d let them!

    How did you find it working with the cutters vs just rolling and pressing?

    • The Golden Life says:

      The girls LOVE them! I think they would probably eat the whole bag full in one sitting if I let them!

      Working with the dog-shaped cutters wasn’t too bad because they are larger cutters. BUT the bone and pawprints were just too small to be of much use. I could barely make out the shapes. That’s why I just “rolled and pressed” the double batch…it was A LOT faster. I think I’ll get some larger bone- & pawprint-shaped cutters and then try a new batch, or maybe a different recipe.

      • Jodi Stone says:

        Glad they liked them! I think this recipe is versatile, you can try adjusting in many ways, such as losing an egg and adding in 1/4 cup apple sauce….etc. I think it will remain a base recipe for me and then I’ll modify depending upon what’s in season.

        I’m not much of a ‘roll out and cut’ kind of gal. 😉

    • The Golden Life says:

      The bones kinda look like bones, but too small. I felt the same way about the paw prints. Oh well, it’s the effort that counts…besides, my little monsters don’t care what they look like. 🙂 ❤

  2. SUGAR: Golden Woofs says:

    The simple way sometimes is the best way. Mom is all done with pumpkin treats for me … she’s into Sweet Potato and it will be the key element for my weight gain. Happy Tasty Tuesday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

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