Ducky’s Bathroom Adventure

Ducky makes me laugh with her antics.  This dog is a born comedienne, a canine Phyllis Diller.  Now, some of you may not like having your dog(s) follow you into the bathroom, regardless of what you walk in there to do.  Me?  I started out years ago being bothered by it but gradually gave it up.  My family’s dogs always followed my Mom into the bathroom – and everywhere else – and my own first dog followed me around the house unless something caught her eye, like a cookie crumb on the floor that I missed.  But, as puppies, Callie and Shadow followed me EVERYWHERE, including the bathroom.  If I walked from the kitchen sink to the kitchen table, they were right under my feet.  Of course, now as senior adults they’re not quite as bad as all that, but they do like to be near me most of the time.  Ah, but I’m straying from the story….

Ducky turns every room in this house into a little adventure, but the bathroom is the best.  She can’t stand it if Shadow gets there first and is getting attention. Yesterday Shadow was just resting on the floor inside the door when Ducky decided to find me.  So, Ducky had to check her out….

Ducky's Bathroom Adventure4

Ducky's Bathroom Adventure3

Well, when Shadow wouldn’t move, Ducky decided to leave her alone and move on to see what trouble she could get herself into….

Ducky's Bathroom Adventure1Ducky's Bathroom Adventure5

She had to take a look behind the shower curtain, but just looking in from the back corner wasn’t enough.  No, Ducky had to walk the whole length of the tub (that’s her shadow behind the curtain) to make sure there wasn’t anything lurking in the tub that needed flushing out (pun intended).  Satisfied that there was nothing there, she decided to turn around and come back toward the back wall…

Ducky's Bathroom Adventure2

The whole time she was oblivious to my presence in the room – I couldn’t resist the temptation to take pictures of her antics – until I laughed at her silliness.  Then she looked up…

Ducky's Bathroom Adventure6


And then she went back to her little adventure, sniffing around the sink and everywhere else she could fit, before walking out of there.  Meanwhile, I just sat there laughing.  Hubby cracked up when I showed him these pictures.  “That’s our Ducky.”

Well, I couldn’t resist sharing this on the Monday Mischief Blog Hop.  Hope you enjoyed reliving it with me. 


We are joining the Monday Mischief Blog Hop because Ducky is always up to something mischievous. This hop is hosted by Snoopy’s Dog Blog, Alfie’s Blog, Luna Dogs Life and My Brown Newfies

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9 thoughts on “Ducky’s Bathroom Adventure

  1. Gizmo says:

    Laughing out loud here…glad I’m not the only one whose dogs insist on visiting me in the bathroom…More than once I’ve been embarrassed at a friend’s house when Gizmo insists on pushing open the door to make sure I haven’t disappeared without him

  2. Jan K says:

    That was too cute and funny! It’s especially funny that she was so intent on what she was doing that she didn’t even realize you were there.
    Yup, my dogs follow me in there too and I’ve gotten quite used to it!

  3. Jodi says:

    I love Ducky!! Delilah follows me into the bathroom too. Sampson does but only when he knows I’m getting my walking clothes together. I suspect you will have many laughs from little Miss Ducky!

    • The Golden Life says:

      Oh, Lord, yes! Ducky keeps us entertained constantly! She is — as they say — “a trip”! We love her, too — and she knows it. Love from a shelter pup may not be any more special than from a pup from a (responsible) breeder, but it is certainly unique. I doubt Ducky was old enough at 7 months to have realized what her fate may have been had we not adopted her; but I know she was happy to get away from her life at the shelter.

  4. somethingwagging says:

    Every dog I’ve ever lived with has followed me into the bathroom–until Honey. It’s not that she doesn’t want the company. But she’s a little shy about butting the door open with her head (I’ve been teaching her how to close a cupboard with her nose so that may change).

    But every foster dog I bring home joins me in the bathroom. And some of them have antic as silly as Ducky’s. What is it about the bathroom?

    Apparently you’re not alone. Have you seen this?

  5. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Scout follows me into the bathroom and plops himself down and waits until I leave. The other two could care less about following me into the bathroom! We hope you had a very Happy Halloween!

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