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  1. Doreen & The Gang (@DoggiesandStuff) says:

    Hi! I couldn’t find a “contact me” form or email addy for you, so I came here to leave a comment. You asked about kiko’s bowl on Instagram. I got it from a local pet supply store here. It’s made by J&w Pet; I am sure you can do a google search and find them. I got her that bowl because she eats too fast, which can cause serious tummy issues, including bloat. The bowl helps slow her eating.

    • The Golden Life says:

      Thanks! I’ll have to check them out! Right now I’m putting Ducky’s food in Callie’s bowl (supposedly a slow-feed but I haven’t noticed a markedly different speed) and just giving her a little bit at a time. If nothing else, it at least requires a break from eating while I pick up the bowl, put a little more food in it, and make her sit and wait for a few seconds while I put the bowl back on the floor. Kiko’s bowl looks like it makes it more of a challenge to get the food.

      • Doreen & The Gang (@DoggiesandStuff) says:

        I tried two other bowls before this one; I am really happy with it. Having four raised sections in the bowl has definitely slowed her down. It takes some time for her to get her mouth down in their. Also, I use a treat dispenser called the Kibble Nibble and I use that a couple times a week. It’s one of her favorite toys and it takes some time for her to get her kibble out. You might want to try that, too. I made a video of Kiko using the Kibble Nibble – you can view it here:

      • The Golden Life says:

        Well, I couldn’t find the exact bowl, but I found a copycat version at the specialty canine/feline shop near my local grocery store…it’s on order, so hopefully he’ll have it end of this week. And, hopefully, it will slow Ducky down as well. I have never seen a dog her size wolf down food so fast in all my 60 years of life! Unbelievable! I’ll have to check out your video one of these days — it is crazy around here lately!

        Thanks again!! Sue

      • The Golden Life says:

        Hi! I finally was able to get one! A specialty store near our grocery store was able to order one for me. It really does work! Ducky has to work to get all her food out of it, so it really slows her down. Thanks for the info!!

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