Is It Friday Again Already?!

Today I’m joining the Follow Up Friday blog hop as a co-hostess.  You know — the blog hop that lets you wrap up your week and takes you right into the weekend.  In my case, it’s a wrap up of nearly a month…oh well, that’s what happens when you get lazy.


After weeks of procrastination (and unabashed, unashamed laziness), I finally checked out and after three separate conversations with their sales/technician guys, decided on one that would work for me.  It’s the SEBO X-4 Upright.  I’d been considering the Miele Dog & Cat, but the darn thing weighs more than Ducky; and I have a hard enough time carrying her when I need to.  At least with Ducky, I can distribute her weight to make it easier on my back and arms.  A vacuum cleaner isn’t nearly as pliable as my dog.  Anyway, when I mentioned that I needed a machine that wasn’t heavier than my dog and didn’t need constant dog hair removal breaks, I was told about the SEBO.  Number One, it weighs about the same as my Oreck; and Number Two, it has a removable roller brush to make it a heck of a lot easier to get the dog hair off.  I said “is it easy to remove and replace, even for someone who is not mechanically inclined?”  The yes response sold me.  My new vacuum cleaner is waiting for me to put it to use.  I’ll let you know at some point how the first use goes.


Once again I found myself inspired by Sugar’s “Tasty Tuesday” blog hop post this week.  After receiving a quick reply to my question about making the layered sweet potato frosty bones, I decided to try making them myself that afternoon.  I had to do some grocery shopping anyway on Tuesday morning, so I bought two fresh sweet potatoes along with the other items on my list.  I followed the recipe, used my paw-shaped molds, and made some sweet potato frosty paws for the girls.  I figured between the plain yogurt and the sweet potato, the treat would help settle Callie’s tummy, and wouldn’t hurt Shadow or Ducky either.  Callie, I believe, was reacting to the heat and humidity of the day.  After a late afternoon s.l.o.w walk around the back yard, she seemed to feel better.  I had Sam (aka hubby) stop at the grocery store on his way home from work and pick up some Fresh Pet chicken “pate” — the stuff in the sausage roll — for Callie.  As soon as she ate she was back to her normal, happy self again.  Around 9:30, I gave each of my girls a frosty paw which they happily devoured.  Callie has been fine since.


Well, Ducky Doodle is — by my best guess — just plain bored with her Wobbler.  Or maybe it’s the food she’s bored with.  Anyway, she prefers to eat out of a “big girl’s bowl”, especially if all she’s getting is the kibble she’s been eating since the third week after she joined the family.  So, until I can get a third slow-feed bowl, I’ll put Ducky’s food in Callie’s or Shadow’s bowl after they finish eating their meals.  So far, she hasn’t had an upset tummy from eating too fast.  She had been sick on Friday last week, as I shared on Facebook, so I kept her home on Saturday to let her rest.  I had figured the heat had gotten to her some — and it probably had — but when I called the daycare folks on Saturday morning so they wouldn’t worry about her, Amanda told me that she had caught Ducky chomping on some mulch out in their yard.  The little demon dog must have ingested more of it than they knew.  She’s so quick when she wants to be, I’m certainly not blaming them for it.  She’s still very much a puppy and part Black Lab at that; so she’s going to try to eat everything if we don’t catch her at it despite a million and one games of “trade me” to teach her not to.  🙂


For several weeks now I’ve been saying I have to get back to reading the course material for my CEP course on working with shelter dogs.  Well, since I’ve taken a “sabbatical” from helping Julie (my externship mentor trainer) until the week after Labor Day, this would be a good time to start.  I just have to stop being so darn lazy.  I’m not going to lie and say I’m ashamed of myself for it because I’m not ashamed.  I’ve just gotten too complacent with every aspect of life and that’s not good.  So, back to getting out of bed at 6:30 “in the blessed a m” (to quote Colonel Potter in the M*A*S*H episode I watched the other night).  No more playing the iPod version of solitaire for 2 or 3 hours after hubby goes to sleep.  Sigh…

Thank God it is Friday!  It means I can sleep an extra half hour tomorrow morning.  And, thank YOU, Jodi at HeartLikeADog for allowing me to co-host the blog hop with you!  It has indeed been both an honor and a pleasure!

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8 thoughts on “Is It Friday Again Already?!

  1. Jodi says:

    Woot woot!! Great follow-up Sue, thank you so much for co-hosting this week’s blog hop, it has indeed been my honor and pleasure to have you.

    I’m curious how the vacuum works for you. I bought the Dyson Animal, oh it has to be six years or so ago. It’s been in the shop (I ran over the cord) and I think it’s about due to go back in the shop again as it’s been making a strange noise. But it does pick up LOTS of dog hair (as you could imagine) from my rugs.

    Egads! She ate mulch! I often times tell Delilah one day she is going to eat something that is going to kill her. I say that with some fear as she is quick (like Ducky) to gobble things up and you can never trust things people might leave out. I’m glad to hear Ducky is on the mend though.

    Poor Callie, I sometimes don’t want to eat when it’s hot (okay, who the hell am I kidding, I always want to eat!) I’m glad she’s on the mend.

    Thanks again for co-hosting the hop, have a great weekend!

  2. SUGAR: Golden Woofs says:

    Never heard of Sebo brand. Hope its working well with you. What no photos of the tasty DELISH treats you made??? The heat affects me too (constipation). For the past days its cool and feels like early Spring. Have a PAWsome Friday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Sorry, but sometimes I just forget about pix — especially when I’m trying to come up with the text of a post. I have some pix of the Layered Strawberry Frosty Paws. After this new batch of Layered Sweet Potato ones are frozen — I just now put them in the freezer to finish them off — I’ll take a pic and post them all.

  3. Sand Spring Chesapeakes says:

    Dropping in to say Hi and great FUF you had. I also want to try Sugars sweet potatoe frosty treats. I am so glad I have central vac as I could never find a vacuum that didn’t break down. Even at work (vet clinic) we have a hard time keeping a vacuum over a year. Have a great day and nice to meet you.

  4. FleaByte says:

    What a fun FUF! I love that you made Sugar’s Frosty Paws. And I can’t wait to hear about your vacuum, whether or not you like it. We’ve had our Dyson for nearly seven years and it’s nearing the end.

  5. Gizmo says:

    Excellent FUF! I’d never heard of SEBO either but the removable roller is an attractive option…let us know how it works…and it’s neat that a homemade dog treat also had a ‘medicinal’ use…much better than giving pepto…Have a wonderful weekend!

  6. Donna says:

    Glad that you found a vacuum – hope that it works as well as you hope.

    It is so hard to get life back on track sometimes when you have goals, but I agree, nothing to be ashamed about. We’ve all wasted time on the computer when we should be doing something more “fruitfull” so to speak. But hey, who of us is perfect? Not me. That’s for sure.

  7. Dogs N Pawz says:

    Great FUF! I’m curious about the vacuum too as I have been looking at getting a new one but can’t make up my mind on what to get!

    By the way, Phe is in a contest and if she wins we are donating a portion of it to the animal shelter she was adopted from. Phe would really appreciate it if you would vote for her! If you can help her out go to this link to find out more: Phe really wants to help her doggy and kitty friends at the shelter!!!!

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