Nine Months of Ducky

Ducky has been part of our family for a little over nine months now. And in those nine months I have often felt like I was stuck on an endless roller-coaster ride. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade any of it.

Cesar Millan — who, by the way, was my original inspiration for enrolling at the Animal Behavior College — always says “you might not get the dog you want, but you will get the dog you need.” It took a while for me to fully understand why I needed this little “Demon Dog”. It’s clear to me now: this little one has taught and continues to teach me patience, compassion, acceptance, and other virtues I’ve been struggling with these last several years.

A childhood friend recently sent me an email about an experience she had a few days earlier. She had been at one of her jobs and tried to avoid interaction with a disabled customer (because of her “aversion of the sick and infirm”). But God had other plans for her. She ended up assisting said customer and found herself enriched by the experience. “It also taught me that sometimes when you *think* you’d fooled God’s plans, you really haven’t.”
And it got me thinking. Whether you believe in God or not, there is a “force” out there in the universe stronger than any of us making things happen in our lives. I responded to my friend…

“All those months (years, actually) Sam and I spent swearing that 2 dogs were not only enough but also actually more than enough. God had other plans — He wanted Ducky to have a good home with a family that would love her just for being herself. And for whatever reason He chose us to be that family. Yeah, we have to make some sacrifices now that we didn’t before; but our little Ducky is a constant source of joy and laughter — and she has put a little extra *zing* in Callie’s and Shadow’s lives as well.”

“All things happen for a reason, whether we understand/know the reason or not” is one of those snippets of wisdom my Mom imparted to my brother and me when we were growing up. I am constantly being reminded of Mom’s wisdom; and grateful for every lesson!

Ducky is growing up … she’s an “adolescent” now … and her confidence is expanding. Each time she remains calm in my arms near a stranger, my heart “swells” with pride. And when she doesn’t bark at her own reflection out of uncertainty, but just tilts her head and then looks away. Or when she sees a toy near Shadow without starting a growlfest. She still has her “moments” of demonic behavior; but we’ve come to accept them as part of her puppy-ness. And, when those moments aren’t anxious ones but just playfulness, we enjoy them and treasure them. She won’t be a puppy forever so we want to enjoy as much of her puppyhood as we can now. And help her to outgrow the anxieties.

I guess I’ve gone way over the allotted word count; but these thoughts have been on my mind the past few days and I wanted to get them into written form before they escaped the sometimes-empty space between my ears.

I hope you all have a tail-wagging day!! Live in the now and enjoy every moment!!



3 thoughts on “Nine Months of Ducky

  1. Heart Like A Dog (@HeartLikeADog) says:

    i remember once going to pick up dog food and the woman who works there reads my blog. I said something about Delilah and her antics and the woman said, “Embrace her for who she is.” I thought about it and know one day I’ll be smiling through tears thinking of something my sweet, precious girl did. She was sent to me for the same reasons Ducky came to you. I’ve learned a lot from my dogs, not the least of which is acceptance.

    Beautiful post Sue and this time you have me in tears. :-0

  2. GizmoGeodog says:

    We have little control over these things…Our dogs choose us and we always get the dog we need…the one that has a lesson to teach us…Ducky is teaching you well and you’ve been a good student

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