Just My Golden Girls


Hi Everyone! I’ve written so many posts about just (or mostly) Ducky these last several months that I decided to dedicate this one just to my Golden Girls, Callie and Shadow.

The weather has been absolutely perfect today — a great day for sitting in the shade of the carport in the backyard with my two older dogs nearby. I’ve pretty much just been sitting here enjoying the breeze rustling softly through the oak and pine trees, and watching the squirrels playing tag in the trees and on the roof of the house.

This morning I received the phone call from the vet that I’ve been waiting for — the ugly thing he removed from Shadow’s upper lip was “just” another papilloma. But, I’m glad he took it off & had it checked out anyway. With all the health issues Golden Retrievers are prone to, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Callie goes for her 12-week X-rays on her leg next Monday. I’m hoping, praying, and expecting they will show that the leg has healed properly and she can start being off-leash in the yard again — and allowed to play with her sisters, climb up on the couch & beds, and go up & down steps by herself. She’ll probably still tire more easily at first, but that’s okay — I just won’t let her push too hard.

Well, the iPod is getting low on battery power so I better publish this post before I lose it.


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