This ‘N That Saturday


With all the housework I had to do in between playing chauffeur to my three dogs on Thursday; and not knowing what all I wanted to write about, I decided to wait a couple of days.  Besides, hubby took a vacation day for Friday to make it a 4-day weekend.


Shadow had another “growth” — this time on her upper lip.  The groomer found it when she was brushing the dog’s teeth on Thursday.  Having just lost her sweet kitty to cancer late last week, and one of her dogs to cancer late last year, she freaked.  Bless her heart!  My two Golden Girls are among her favorites to groom and pet sit, so when she sees something like this, it scares her half to death.  So, Shadow and I went back to the vet yesterday. He numbed her lip, removed the growth, cauterized the area, and sent it to the lab. Then he came back into the exam room and said it looks like “a subcutaneous [something or other], in short a wart”. But he’ll have the lab do a biopsy on it to be sure. “I should have the report on Wednesday, so I’ll talk to you then. Meanwhile, have a great weekend.” Poor Shadow — two growths removed in the same month. Bless her heart! She won’t want to go back to the vet ever again, even though he’s always as gentle with her as he possibly can be. She’s really a great patient — lets him (or me) do just about anything.


Ducky had a bath and massage on Thursday while at daycare.  Maria said she had a hard time getting her to relax until she started rubbing her ears, and even then it took her about 20 minutes to relax enough to enjoy the massage.  My poor baby.  Maybe I should learn “doga” and do it with Ducky.


Please, God, no more thunderstorms for a while — they make my babies (the oldest and the youngest) anxious, nervous, and whiney.  The storm on Wednesday night had Ducky crying and barking in her crate for about half an hour before she finally settled down and went to sleep.  And Callie was pacing back and forth in the bedroom and panting like she hadn’t had any water in days.  Thank goodness the storm eased off after a while!  Even Shadow, who usually isn’t bothered by storms, jumped up on the bed with me and stayed there until after the storm ended.  I just laid back and enjoyed “Casablanca” as much as I could with all the racket outside.  I felt like a terribly mean mommy not going downstairs to take Ducky out of her crate and soothe her; but I knew it was for her own good.


3 thoughts on “This ‘N That Saturday

  1. Donna says:

    So glad to hear the vet thinks the growth looked benign. Always good to get it biopsied too, we’ve had our share of those things. Toby and Meadow are both lump factories.

    Funny, or not so funny, as I know what you’re going through, but my youngest and oldest are terrified of storms too. Leah and Meadow act the same way as you described when they hear storms or fireworks. Not Toby, the “middle child” though….he’s oblivious to noise.

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Hi Jodi! Actually, I have a thundershirt for Ducky — my mentor trainer is loaning it to me for when we work on her “issues” and leaving daycare in the afternoons — and it did help her calm down just before the storm ended. I still have to measure Callie so I can order one for )her. Callie usually calms down after a few minutes, but when the thunder is close and loud, it makes her more anxious. And Ducky’s reaction didn’t help either. 😦 Makes me thankful that Shadow is usually oblivious to the storms. 🙂

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