Follow Up Friday

Here I am again, joining the Follow-Up Friday blog hop, the one that lets you wrap up your week and leads you right into the weekend.  Let’s see, what do I need to follow up on today?


Well, first there’s Shadow’s vet visit this morning.  She is VERY HAPPY to have the stitches out!  I don’t know how that one piece of suture that was sticking straight out didn’t drive her straight up the wall, across the ceiling, and back down the other wall!  I know I would have been pawing at it constantly to get it out of my line of peripheral vision!  But she was a good girl – she just left it alone the whole nine days it was there.  Anyway, the stitches are out now, and so is the cyst thingy.  It has a really long, medical name that the vet told me this morning but which I can’t remember for the life of me – getting older is a bitch sometimes – but the important thing is that it WAS benign, as he had said last week.

And while Callie and Shadow rested on the nice cool floor of the examining room, Doctor Steve and I had a good conversation about Ducky.  I DID ask him if it’s possible Ducky’s bipolar.  He laughed, probably because he remembered how nuts she acted the first time I brought her in to see him.  “Why do you ask?”  So I told him about the girls at Ducky’s daycare regaling me with stories of how Ducky will be giving them puppy kisses one minute and then growling at them the next.  “I had to laugh the first time they told me about it because it’s SO DUCKY, but they got me thinking and I decided I had to ask you.”  He smiled and said – and I’ll shorten his full answer for you – “There just hasn’t been much research into it, so anything I could tell you would just be opinion; but I believe that an animal can suffer from the same mental disorders or diseases that a human can.  Other than the SSRI’s like Prozac, there really isn’t much we can use to treat the symptoms with.  And as far as Ducky goes, I believe that the more you work with her, the less she’ll exhibit the symptoms.  She’ll probably grow out of it as she progresses through her teenage months into adulthood.”  In fact, she has been outgrowing some of her anxieties (thank goodness).  But somehow I think I’m going to miss her “little demon” side if she completely outgrows it.  She’s just such a cutie-patootie that I can’t help but laugh at her antics, even if they are “demonic” at times.

As for Ducky’s training session on Wednesday, I wrote a post about it yesterday on my other blog – Obedience Training Journal – that I started back when I first started my externship last year, before we even knew Ducky existed.  Day One went well.  I accidentally “published” the post before I had planned to, but decided to leave it alone rather than copy/paste it into a new post and then delete the old one.  So, here’s the link…

Working with Ducky

Read it if you want to, or don’t – either way is okay.  I don’t expect anyone else to be all that interested in the details.  It’s probably a little boring unless you’re into that kind of thing.  And, it’s the first thing I’ve posted on that blog since I took the “Train Your Dog Month” Challenge back in January.  Anyway, that’s it for me this week.  Have a great weekend everyone!!  And to those of you who are at BlogPaws, remember to bring home plenty of goodies for the fur-kids!!

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4 thoughts on “Follow Up Friday

  1. Donna says:

    Happy to hear the lump was benign….two of my three have loads of lumps, most of them benign.

    So interesting about your conversation with your vet about Ducky. Nick and I have suspected our Toby might have some sort of autism for a very long time. He is not good with social interaction at all and seems unable to read others emotions, yet he is scary smart in other aspects. A lot of other things make us suspect it to, but I don’t want to write a post in your comments section, so I’ll leave it at that.

    I do hope you are wrong about Ducky and she just grows out of it. LOL! 🙂

  2. Heart Like A Dog (@HeartLikeADog) says:

    Thanks so much for joining the hop Sue, I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get over! Glad Shadow’s stitches are out, now she can get back to being her happy little self.

    I can’t remember all the details of Ducky’s journey but there are just some things that some dogs can’t overcome. Delilah will always see the garbage as a buffet and any food wrappers as an opportunity presented. Now if I broke her of this, I wouldn’t have anything to write about.:-D

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