Pardon me while I brag and boast a little. I can’t help it — I’m proud of myself!


So, now I am an Animal Behavior College-certified Dog Trainer! And the logo to prove it is at the bottom of this post.

I knew I had passed, but I didn’t get my actual grade until this morning. Now it’s time to relax, celebrate, and go cause some “Monday Mischief” of my own!!

Have a great day, everyone! And lest y’all think I might have forgotten: thank you ALL for the support and encouragement while I was studying, and in my attempts to train my own little demon dog!!



15 thoughts on “I DID IT!!!

  1. SUGAR: goldenwoofss says:

    Woof! Woof! Golden CONGRATS! Golden Happy for you … you got great dogs to be your companions on your training other dogs. Mom got an idea … Enjoy your celebration. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

    • Sams Northern Girl says:

      Thanks, Donna! It was a lot of work, reading, and fun. I have three Continuing Ed courses to take, too, but I’m taking a little break before I start on the first one. I plan on taking their Vet Assistant course, too, but I’m waiting until next year to start that one…some time in January. (It’ll be my back up in case we need cash once hubby retires.)

  2. Michelle Q-D says:

    Just found your page while looking at other ABC related items. I am in my Final Exam stage (frankly overwhelmed with the exam!!! – any advice?) but eager to finish. While I don’t plan to teach courses immediately, the certification helps me in my pet care business here in MA. I hope you are well and your doggies!

    • The Golden Life says:

      Hi Michelle! I think the best advice I can give you about the final exam is to take a lot of deep breaths, and try to relax. It encompasses so much material that it can be very overwhelming if you don’t relax. I had originally planned to start my own dog-training business when I got my certification; but I had my hands full taking care of my dogs. I still do, but my husband recently retired so I decided to just enjoy life with him and the dogs. What type of pet care business are you in? We are all well and I hope you are too!

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