Sabbatical Time

Hello my friends — human AND furry — out there in pet blog land!  I hope you are all enjoying some beautiful weather like we are here!  We have had some perfect early-Spring weather here the last few days…morning temps in the mid 40’s and afternoon temps warming to the mid 60’s with plenty of sunshine.

Now, about the sabbatical thing:  It’s time for me to study for my final exam for my Animal Behavior College Dog Obedience Training Instructor course.  I received the emails yesterday from my Program Manager that I had passed Stage 10 — the externship with a mentor trainer — and am now scheduled to submit my completed final exam on April 23rd.  The test consists of 114 questions, 91 multiple choice and 23 essay; and a TON of information that I need to review over the next two weeks and then start taking the actual exam.  Yes, it’s an open-book, online, exam, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy.  Well, not for me at least.  I wasn’t blessed with my brother’s photographic memory of everything I’ve ever read or learned.  Taking tests was NEVER my strong point, like it was my brother’s.  (He got the brains, I got the looks.  Ha-ha, just kidding, Doug.)

Anyway, while I’m getting ready for this test, I probably will not be writing any blog posts.  I just won’t have time.  I still have to fit in Callie’s three 10-minute daily walks around the back yard, her next visit to the surgeon for a progress check-up, and my own haircut.  Thank GOD Ducky is still welcome at doggie daycare!!  🙂  There’s no way I could supervise her around Callie and Shadow AND study all day!! 

I WILL be checking my emails every morning — while I have my coffee — but I may not be able to read your blog posts (and leave comments) on a regular basis, so please don’t be offended by or worry about my absence.  As soon as I’m finished with the exam, I’ll be back.  You’re welcome for the advance warning!  🙂 

Have a great 3 weeks!!!!!


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