Ducky’s In The Doghouse

Ducky is feeling her oats lately, acting like a spoiled rotten, bratty, pre-teen adolescent. At least around her two canine siblings, Sam, and me…

Does that first paragraph sound familiar? If so, it’s because I copied it from an earlier post. Then it was because she was growling and snarling at me. Today, it’s because she has started two fights with Shadow — over one toy or another — in less than two hours. Toys, mind you, that she had walked away from before Shadow started playing with them. The second fight was the last straw.

After Sam and I separated them, Sam held on to Ducky’s collar while I reassured Shadow that SHE was not in trouble and gave her a quick check to be sure her chin wasn’t bleeding again. Satisfied that it wasn’t, I patted her on the head and she went to lay down in the kitchen. While Sam kept Ducky at his side, I gathered up all the toys, put them in the closet, and shut the closet door. The toys will stay there for the rest of the night, at least until after Ducky is in her crate for the night. I feel bad having to keep the toys away from Callie and Shadow; but Ducky has to learn that I’m not going to stand for this nonsense. She has to get over her case of “the mine’s”. The toys — and everything else in the house — belong to Mommy and Daddy, NOT Ducky, or Callie, or Shadow. She has come a long way since we first adopted her, but Ducky is still a young dog in need of consistent discipline.

All the experts say not to use the dog’s crate as punishment in the same way you would send a child to his/her room. And, I agree with them because a dog doesn’t have the same reasoning capacity as we humans. So, Ducky’s attempts to con “Daddy” with puppy kisses were rebuked with sternly voiced “NO”s. After the third try was unsuccessful, Ducky layed down on one of the dog beds and went to sleep. She’s still asleep. So are both Callie and Shadow.


Don’t worry, we won’t stay mad at Ducky for long. Truthfully, I’m not angry now. When she wakes up from her nap, all will be over and done. We love our little demon dog as much as we do her big sisters.


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